Baseball and Football

It’s a big sports day around here. First up the Rockies play the Dodgers in a one game playoff and then on Monday Night Football the Broncos play the Chiefs. We’re hoping to go 2 for 2!

Yesterday Lori and I went to Aspen for a little shopping and lunch. We needed to go to the pet store and Target in Glenwood so it wasn’t that much further. Lori found some cute jeans and a fun pair of furry pink tennis shoes. We then had lunch at one of our favorite spots before heading home.

Once home we cleaned a bit before winding the weekend down. We need to get moving this morning as there’s lots to do and both boys never get up when they’re supposed to. It’s the same old crap every morning with kids as they’d sleep all day if you let them. Oh well, so would we, ha. Have a great day and GB.

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