Lori’s coming home!

Around 5:45 am I was in my truck headed to pick up Marty and a few more coolers. We left his house around 6:10 and headed west. We decided to go over McClure Pass which was beautiful. Finally around 9:15 we pulled in to Montrose. About 40 minutes later, we were loaded down with elk and headed home. This time we decided to go through Grand Junction so we could stop at Cabela’s. Western Colorado in some spots looks like Mars. It’s all barren with weird dirt foothills with absolutely zero vegetation on it anywhere. It’s the one part of the State you wouldn’t want to live in.

We made it to Grand Junction around 11 and went to Cabela’s. Marty bought a spotting scope and some other stuff while I bought a few soft gun cases I needed. While driving there we saw this truck with all kinds of writing on the back. One of the sayings was something like, Suck on it Snowflakes and after seeing this, Marty didn’t know what a “snowflake” was! I told him he needs to get educated and then asked if he was hungry. He said yes and so I said let’s hit Chick Filet. He then said, “what’s that?”. Wow what a sheltered life, he didn’t know what a snowflake was and had never been to Chick Filet! After hitting the drive through we headed home for Vail. A couple hours later we were unloading his elk and I was headed home with mine.

Jag was at soccer all day and I picked him up at 3. Ty was doing homework and then we all ate some leftovers and hung out. I took both dogs up the hill for a walk which is our usual evening routine.

This morning I’ll drop Jag at 8:45 for an ACT Test at school. Then I’m headed down to Denver and will go watch the Bronco game with Tommy until I pick up Lori around 2:30. We’re all excited she’s coming home. As I said yesterday we know she needs to go see her Mom, but we always miss her. That’s about it, the dogs just finished breakfast so time for a walk before I go to the gym. God Bless and Go Broncos!

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