Road Trip!

As I said yesterday, we’re off early to go get us some elk! Marty and I have a lot of fun so the drive won’t be too bad. Jag has a soccer game today and Ty has a lot of school work to do. Both boys need to clean their rooms. Wonder if it’ll get done, hmmm.

We hope to be back by 3 at the latest as we might stop at Cabela’s in Grand Junction as we’re both Professional Hunters and we have an appearance scheduled. Hope there aren’t too many fans. Maybe it’ll be like a Neil Diamond concert where women throw their underwear at us! You never know. Only problem is most women that hunt wear pretty big underwear!

Hope Lori is having fun. We all miss her very much. We understand though that she needs to go visit her Mom but we always miss her. That’s about it, time to get on the road, have a great weekend and God Bless.

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