Up all night, sleep all day…

The above describes Ty but in case you didn’t know, it’s also the title of a big song from the 80’s by Slaughter. Anyhow as I said, Ty was up all night, just about every hour coughing. Finally around 4:30 am Lori made him some hot water, lemon and honey and he’s been sleeping since. I’ll bet he’ll sleep until at least after noon. He missed the past three days of school and has a really bad cold. Lori took him to the doctor a few days ago and they said he just needs to ride it out. Hope he’s better soon.

I went to Denver yesterday for work and while there bought both boys new computers. They needed them as theirs were on their last legs. I too had a new one show up from my company yesterday. I thought we’d lost the blog as we couldn’t log in except on our phones then magically it reappeared. Next week I’m going to start the huge job of printing it all out on paper so I don’t lose it!

Jag stayed at school until about 8 last night watching the girls volleyball game, smart man, ha. Tomorrow Lori and I are headed down for the Bronco game. We’re taking her good friend Brooke who used to work for her at the Plastic Surgery office in Denver. I’m glad she can go as Lori and her really have a lot of fun together. We’ll meet at Elway’s for our traditional pre-game brunch. I need to find my gift certificate from Robin from Christmas so we can use it, thanks again Robi and Robert.

Time to get moving so I can go to the gym. I’m off at 11 with my buddy back up to our hunting grounds to look at an off the grid cabin on 35 acres that borders national forest that a bunch of us guys might go in on. It’s pretty cheap but really nice and in the middle of nowhere, we’ll see. You can never go wrong owning more land as they just aren’t making any more, ha.

Have a great day, God Bless and Go Broncos!

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