Footballs back!

Tom texted me yesterday that I forgot to put in the blog that football started last night. Well, I forgot! It wasn’t much of a game, at least what I saw as I switched it off sometime after half time. Not sure who won. We were taking Ty and a friend this week but he’s too sick and behind on homework. So Lori and I will need to find someone to go with us. Shouldn’t be hard.

Jag went back to playing soccer last night. He had Lori ask Dr. Viola if he could play and he reluctantly said yes. Lori has the fireplace on this morning which is nice. Harley is laying on her bed in front of us and I think Mojo is behind the couch. The political ads have started and will run non stop until November 5th, not fun. The people that make these ads could make a serial killer look good. Don’t believe what you see on tv, just vote Republican, ha.

I missed my buddy’s dad’s funeral yesterday with Ty sick. We’d like him to go to school today but he has that deep cough and we heard it all night long. We’ll give him another 30 minutes before we wake him and see how he’s doing.

Soon it’ll be Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Just think, in 3 months it’ll be December 7th, what will you be doing then? Just a heads up, on Sunday it’ll be the one year anniversary of Mom passing. Tom and I decided it’s good it’s on a Sunday with football as Mom loved football. More to come in a couple days. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Just got off the phone with Auntie Dee and she said she would be thinking of all us kids on Sunday. I assured her that both the Broncos and Packers would win cause mom has a bit of control over it now – teehee as she would say! Sure miss her, and think of her every day, she was simply the best! P.S. Robert is going on day 10 with the nasty cough and stuffy head just so ya know, it takes a while to get rid of it once you get it. Feel better Ty!

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