Cooler air

Last night I had the windows open and the cool mountain air flowed in lowering the temperatures. It’s been hot but this was a nice break. Yesterday Jag and I were at the orthodontist and they’re going to put braces on his top teeth in about a month. Thankfully they’re not charging us any more money. The dentist and his wife, who is also a dentist, live a few blocks away from our lot where we plan to build. They just finished their house a year ago. They’re from Texas and he loves to hunt so it seems we have some things in common. Should make good neighbors.

Lori and I are off to Denver to get her hair done in about an hour. Mojo stayed at the vet last night to have his kidneys checked as he had an accident yesterday. We’ll get him today. Ty worked until about 10:30 and does so again tonight and the Bronco’s have their first preseason game tonight, whoo hoo.

Time for me to get moving as we have a lot to do. Hope everyone has a great weekend, GB.


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