The best thing about today is I don’t have to go to Denver, or Aspen or anywhere except maybe Eagle. Yesterday I was down in the city and back up by about 3:30. Lori worked as usual and Ty cleaned his room from top to bottom. Jag and Nicole went to dinner and then hung out at her house until about 9.

It’s still smokey but doesn’t seem as bad. I think we’re all headed to the ranch to spread Mom and Dad’s ashes on Sunday. I need to check with Tom and see if he wants to go. I know Robi can’t make it but would if she could. Not sure what Shelly is doing but she’d need to ride up with Tom as I don’t have time to drive to Denver to get her and then make the 2 and a half hour drive up there. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

School starts a week from Monday with both boys going on orientation trips. Ty is going on a canoe trip and Jag is going kayaking. They are gone from Monday until Wednesday and Lori will be in Sacramento so it’ll be me and the dogs for a few days. We have lots to do to get ready for all of this, school supplies, trip supplies and more. On top of it all, Lori and I are witnesses in a trial in Denver next Wednesday and then I have a sales meeting also in Denver next Friday. I think Lori leaves on Saturday. It’s hard to get a break these days. Everybody wants or needs something from us.

Today I’ll clean the garage again. It is sort of clean but after a few months with people throwing stuff in it, I need to clean it again. That’s it for the day, hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless.

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