Elk Hunting

Exactly a month from today I’ll be high in the mountains, before sunrise, elk hunting. Fall is almost here! It’s cooler at night and you can tell things will soon be changing. Today though Harley and I are off to her dog training in Denver in about 40 minutes. Ty worked late again, ugh, and was off at 11:30. This work thing is the hardest on Lori and I as we have to pick them up every night. He’s off until Saturday but of course Jag works on Ty’s days off. Ty worked 80 hours in 2 weeks! That’s a lot.

Robi commented yesterday about the Aspen Blow Party. We hope you’re serious as it’s a blast and so is Aspen. I know she and Robert would love it!

robi says:

Great pics, great hat Doug! Sign us up for next year we will come, we got the clothes – hehe!

We were going to the gym this morning but overslept. Lori is going on a hike with Francesca at 8:15 though so she’ll get some exercise. She has the day off. Jag had Nicole over yesterday after they went to lunch. He’s much more pleasant when he’s around her, ha. That’s about it, here’s one more pic high up at 12,000 feet from Aspen, God Bless.


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  1. Robi says:

    Yes serious fersure, we would love it!

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