Almost June

Only about a week left in May. There’s also only 2 days left in school for Jag and about 5 for Ty. Then the work around here will get serious. Both boys have a pass on their rooms until school is out and then there are no more excuses. I’d post pictures but it’s too embarrassing.

Lori has a half day today and Ty has late start and Jag has two more finals, math and Mandarin. I guess he did well, or so he thinks, on his science test yesterday. Finals are in the gym with desks set up everywhere evenly spaced out. There’s a lot more pressure in high school these days than I ever remember. Not sure I could do it.

My knee passed x-rays but is still a bit swollen. We’re giving it a day or two before having an MRI. Hopefully it’ll get better on its own. Not sure what’s going on for the holiday weekend. We might go to Denver for a party on Sunday, we’ll see.

Lori is off to the gym but I’ve been told to lay off for now with my knee, ugh. Have a great day, God Bless.

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