Tweaked knee

Last night we were up until 11 trying to get Ty’s 4 essays finished for his ELO Class today. We think he has them all done. Jag has a science final today and then two finals tomorrow and his last one on Thursday. Harley will go to daycare again today as Lori’s car needs some work and I’ll run down the hill around 7:30 this morning. I hope to be back up by noon.

Yesterday while cleaning out my closet I was carrying a heavy bag downstairs and it swung awkwardly into the inside of my right knee sorting of bending it out. I felt it right away but didn’t think much of it but this morning it’s swollen. It was uncomfortable yesterday and I knew I did something but it was nothing I couldn’t walk on. Hopefully it’s just a contusion but even that can take a few months to heal. Worst case is something torn and surgery as soon as this week. More to come, I can’t believe it.

Time to go as we all need to be out the door early this morning. It’ll be warm this week with temps down in Denver in the 90’s meaning at least 80 up here. Summer will be here soon and it does get hot up here too. Have a good day, GB.

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