The first 30 minutes

Lori and I woke up about 5:45 which is about normal. She makes coffee and I go get the atomic ball of energy, which is putting it lightly. Once we get Harley out of her crate and feed her, she then is like a Category 4 Hurricane for at least the next 30 minutes. Jumping, barking and flying across the room is all part of her morning routine. She’s all puppy.

Jag was up before we were and had taken her out and is now studying while Ty is still sleeping. With his bad cold and swollen eye, he stayed home yesterday on the advice of the doctor. He will be going to school today though.

Ty and I did make a run to the storage unit to take down about 20 boxes. I must have $3000 invested in the $20 Ziploc containers as I have stacks of them filling up one unit.

Time to get Ty up, he’s more difficult than Jag these days. Man can that kid sleep. Lori has clinic as it’s Tuesday. We have one sort of friend or acquaintance from Aspen that needs surgery and we think is going in this Friday but she’s so high maintenance Lori was joking she should send her to Denver, ha. Lori must have had 6 calls with her and countless emails. She keeps asking for guarantees that this and that won’t happen which no one can guarantee with any surgery. Oh well, another day in the life of Lori.

Time to go, hope all’s well, it’s getting warm up here, have a great day and God Bless.

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