Sick kid

Yesterday Ty went to school and then had the All League Track Meet after school, however he should not have run as he was still sick! The coach said he needed to run or they couldn’t compete as they would be short one guy to qualify for the meet. I obviously was not happy about that! It continues today but I’m sending an email saying he cannot run today. We’re not even sure he’s going to school but we hope so.

Jag had a lot of work as they’re piling it on with only a few weeks left. Lori had crazy patients as usual and my day was full of puppy and phone calls. Today I have an appointment at our friends art gallery in Denver as she finally has a liquor license and I’m hooking her up with our distributor so she can buy our wine and beer at a good price. She needs a couple of cases of high end wine for high end clients so I’ll probably come home with a new painting too as we trade a lot.

Lori has a half day today which is good. She needs the break. It was warm like in the mid 70’s yesterday and is supposed to be warm again today. I’ll stop by Mom’s on the way out of town to meet James to get some more trash out of the house.

Harley’s been out 5 times already this morning! Lori’s cooking bacon which smells so good but I’m on my third day of my cleanse. I’m down to 205 pounds and feel really good but bacon sure smells good! I think it was Kristin that said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Sometimes I don’t know about that! Time to run, hope everyone’s well, take care, GB.

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  1. Robi says:

    8 months today that mom died. Really doesn’t seem that long to me. Hope we all get through Mother’s Day. Speaking of James, he’s a schmuck! As Tommy says, he’s a schmuck’s schmuck HA!

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