Thankfully today is Friday, Ty goes to Denver, we have round two of the draft and the weekend is here. Yesterday Lori had a Halo treatment which makes her face red but stimulates the collagen or something. Jag had school and Ty had 90 minutes of shooting practice with his middle school basketball coach. Harley and I and Mojo stayed home and I did some work. Today Ty is supposed to go to Denver for a birthday party weekend sleepover at his friend Bens but I just saw that I-70 is closed due to some kind of spill. Hope it gets cleaned up fast.

Well we arguably ended up with the best defensive player and probably the 2nd overall best player in the draft. Tommy and I must have texted back and forth 50 times hoping Elway didn’t screw it up and he didn’t. It was exciting and we couldn’t be happier. Tonight at 5 pm round 2 starts and then tomorrow the whole thing wraps up.

I have another conference call today and two days left in the month. Next week I’m up at the ranch with an appraiser and checking out property lines and such. It looks like the snow, (knock on wood) is over.

Harley did yelp during the night around 12:30 and thankfully I heard her and ran down to take her out. She had to do her business as I’ve been switching up her food adding more protein per the vets instructions and she’s had some diarrhea. Jag had taken a Benadryl due to allergies so he slept through the whole thing. Oh well, like I always tell the boys, you do what you have to do.

Guess I’ll run, have a great weekend and Go Broncos! Tom and I will be watching and texting again from 5 on. Congrats to Robi and her team who picked up a new qb too! GB

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  1. Robi says:

    Yep, Robert and I too are watching the draft. You don’t think with two bros like you I wouldn’t be into football, it’s in the blood! Sending out a bday envelope to PO Box for the birthday girl so be looking for it.

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