Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! Hope everyone has some nice plans for Easter. One of my fondest memories was being in Arizona with Mom and Dad, Tommy and Robin and going to The Palm restaurant for Easter brunch. I can see it clear as day as we were all sitting in this fabulous restaurant with all the pastries, fruit, and other foods on the buffet table. I’m not sure how old we all were but I remember it clearly. It was perfect weather and a perfect day. Mom was an expert at Easter egg dying and she’d always hid stuff for us, no matter how old we were. Good times.

Jag has basketball at 6:45 this morning and then I’ll head down to do some more cleaning at Moms. Tom and I are making progress but there’s a lot to do. Yesterday we managed to get the little closet in the basement cleaned out and the closet across from the washer and dryer. You wouldn’t believe all the old towels and useless stuff we found. Sadly nothing really cool.

The pass was closed again yesterday afternoon but hopefully is fine now. Ty went in to town after school as a bunch of his friends from Denver were up here on Spring Break. He’s going to go to a movie with them all tonight. Tomorrow Jag has tryouts at 9 in the morning so that means Saturday is occupied. Tom and Ali have a date day anyhow so we’ll take a break from cleaning.

It’s almost 6 so time to get moving. Did you see that a 36 year old man was radomenly beat to death by a group of teengaers in New Jersey. Now I know this is far away from most of us and an isolated incident but it is indicative of kids disregard for life these days. Unbelievable.

Mojo is still not feeling well. He had an accident on the stairs the other morning and we had to get the carpet cleaners out here right away. His stomach is still upset. Not sure what he got in to. That’s it, have a good day and may God Bless and watch over you.


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