Are you truly happy?

Yesterday was a day like most others. Lots of cleaning at Moms and another drive down and up the hill while working at the same time. We’re on a mission as we need to get things out of there so the house can go on the market. The neighbor who bought George’s called and enquired about purchasing which is great but I told him we’re not going to fire sale it and he wouldn’t be getting the deal he did from George, as he basically stole that house from Moms poor old 94 year old neighbor! Anyhow more work to do and I think Lori and I will probably go down tomorrow to work some more.

Yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter which means today should be some kind of special or holy day, you’d think. Just think, 2000 years ago Jesus was crucified yesterday and tomorrow he rose from the dead. I wonder what was going on for his loved ones and followers on the day between. Were they happy, sad, both, at peace, in mourning or did they have faith that everything would somehow be ok? One of the greatest things we get from God is faith. Without faith that there is a higher place or something after life on Earth, what would you have? I hope we all know that there is a God and you can and will be saved by embracing him. I know Mom did. We all have flaws whether it’s our egos or anger or pride or the way we treat our fellow man. All of us could do better, and the difference between some and others, is some people know they’re imperfect and know they need to try to be a better person while others don’t. Lori, I and the boys know we have flaws and know we can do better and that realization in some way provides some sense of purpose and peace. We actually feel bad and have sympathy for people we see that are stuck with no faith or are consumed with anger towards others. It’s just sad as anger does no one any good and is certainly not healthy! The good news is it’s never too late to let God into your life and change your ways. As they say, there’s no atheists on death beds! So I hope you all are happy. Life’s too short to hold on to anger and bad feelings, it’s just not worth it, or healthy either. Sorry for the sermon, it’s just helpful as a reminder to me that everyday I need to work on being a better husband, father, brother, uncle, son in law, boss, friend and person to those in my life.

Today Jagger has basketball tryouts for the Eagles which is the club basketball team here. He basically starts basketball now and will play until the middle of next February. Things sure are different from when we were kids! Ty was in town last night with three girls and a guy from his old school down in Denver who were up here for Spring Break. We’re leaning towards maybe driving to Arizona or Moab for our break in three weeks. Meanwhile last night Jag went to shoot some hoops at the gym at Talisa which is a local resort. Anyone can walk in for $15.

Lori and I will go to the gym after we drop Jag at 8:45. He’s done at 11:30. In the spirit of channeling Mom, we’re dying Easter eggs as a family later today. I grabbed some old baskets from the basement (from the 200 or so she saved) and of course there was some nicely wrapped up Easter basket grass labeled “Easter grass 1980”. I still get choked up just seeing her handwriting on things. I know she’s watching all of us and our every move and thought. All she wanted was for all of us kids to get along, not fight and be happy. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask. I hope she’s happy with all of us and that we’re living up to her expectations. I still miss her a bunch as I’m sure we all do. Tommy and I did find a bunch of fun things for Shelly that we started putting in big boxes. As I said earlier, there’s still so much stuff, ugh.

We’ve been loading James up daily with lots and lots of stuff to take to places like the Denver Rescue Mission or ARC. He’s even taking stuff like bags and bags of old Christmas bags! Mom didn’t want stuff thrown out so we’re trying to make use of all we can. We found lots of old kitchen bowls wrapped in newspaper from Shawano from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Most are pyrex or that clay material. Sadly no one really wants them but I did take some of the old newspaper so later I could read about life in Shawano in the early 60’s! I’m still finding a bunch of Robi’s stuff! I’m going through this even though she said she doesn’t want anything as there’s some stuff we’re sending her anyhow. The way I look at it is if Mom chose to save it, there must have been a good reason. I did find a box of “Dougs Books” with some good books. I went through it and pulled out 3 or 4 I want to save. The attic still has a lot of stuff in it. I’m sure we’ll find some fun things up there. When I’m in the attic it seems like that Chevy Chase movie where he’s stuck in the attic looking through old memories, ha. Oh well, we’ll keep you posted if anything fun is found.

Jag’s up, all 6 feet 5 inches plus of him, with his legs draped across three chairs at the kitchen counter eating some breakfast. Time to get moving so we can get out the door within the hour. I hope everyone has a great day and has some fun plans for Easter. No politics today, we wish the World could just take a break and have EVERYONE get along. Who knows, maybe tomorrow will be the day! May God Bless and watch over you.

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  1. Blondie says:

    It is always nice to have some memorabilia from our childhood, etc. however unfortunately it just ends up cluttering our houses and means some day someone will end up having to clean things out for us!

    I say start minimalizing now if you can! How often do we really look at some of that stuff or use it or enjoy it? Just saying….

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