One down, one to go

Last night at 5:20 Lori, Ty and I were at his school for his conference. Ty had to make a website and explain to us what he’d been doing and learning over the past year. We learned more about his studies in 30 minutes than we have all year. It was eye opening as he did a great job and it was nice to see him present things to us. One common thing from all his teachers was, Ty is a social butterfly. He’s super popular and needs to reel in the talking sometimes. Everyone said how smart he is and that he can do all the work, it’s just sometimes he gets sidetracked, ha. I told him great job and that the good news is he is smart and can do all the work and that the only thing he needs to work on is working when it’s time to work and playing when it’s time to play. It’d be a whole different ball game if he wasn’t capable of doing the work, then we’d have some issues.

Jag’s conference is this morning at 8:50. He’s doing well as usual and if he has a B instead of an A somewhere it’s because he missed some class like when we were in Hawaii. He thinks he did well on his math test yesterday, it was 8 pages long! Lori and I can’t understand anything in his math.

Tonight we’re going to meet our builder friend down in Eagle to keep exploring what it’d take to build something. Jag has volleyball from 5 to 7 with the U18 (under 18 years old) girls club team. I’m sure that’ll be fun.

That’s about it, Jag and I will be heading to Denver after his conference putting us at Mom’s around 11 or 12 to clean some more. He’s real helpful as he can help carry this and that outside. We’ll keep working on the basement to throw out more trash. I told Shelly I’d box up a bunch of stuff for her if we find anything we think she’d like. With her being in such a small place she doesn’t have any room for anything. She’s anxious to move and I don’t blame her. It’ll be great for her to be close to Tasha and the girls.

Have a great day, be safe and take care, GB.

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