No snow, for us

This morning at 5 when I woke up, I looked outside to see no snow! Watching the news though, Denver has some. It’s hard to tell how much as the news exaggerates everything. I was thinking of going to Denver today but will postpone my trip until tomorrow.

Jag has a huge math test today. His teacher is brilliant at math but terrible at teaching. I don’t know how he ever became a teacher. The majority of the class is failing and after looking at his practice test, I understand why. Jag found a tutor that he went to twice as once things are properly explained to him, he gets it. Sadly his teacher just doesn’t “explain” things well. I’m not very happy as we’re paying a lot of money for his teacher to teach him advanced math and yet we have to pay another guy ($80 an hour) to teach him advanced math. Doesn’t make much sense. Jag gets so stressed out about his grades and is basically a straight A student except in this class. He’ll probably end up with a B or A- but it’s taking too much time and is too stressful. I told him he only has like 30 more days of class until summer and if he doesn’t understand something, just book the math tutor for another session. Jag won’t have to take this teacher again in high school while other kids who dropped out of his class or opted not to take it, will have two years left with this guy before graduation. Next week Jag selects classes for his Junior year and is planning on taking 3 or 4 AP (Advanced Placement or college level classes) classes next year. We suggested he think about that as the kid doesn’t have anytime to just be a kid.

Meanwhile Ty studied hard yesterday for a reading comprehension test today before his parent teacher conference at 5:20. Ty gets “test anxiety” taking tests and this one is timed which adds even more stress. Jag’s conference is tomorrow morning.

Lori has a long day and will have to go back to work after Ty’s conference at 5:20 as she has a deposition with Dr. C. He’s an expert witness in lots of trials and she needs to be there basically as a legal assistant with all necessary data and to interpret for him. She should get paid a whole lot more, ha!

Our friend Michael’s knee surgery went well. He’ll be in PT this morning at 7:30 am. I guess he’s also having an mri on his shoulder.

Facebook sure is in trouble, people are leaving left and right as it now turns out that they track and “capture” every single phone call and text from people who have it installed on their Android phone, not good. Ty deleted Snapchat and Instagram on his own yesterday which is really a big deal! We’re so proud of him for making that decision on his own. Also the so called March for Lives turned out to be nothing more than a staged protest, which was much smaller than reported, that was financed by liberal billionaires who are desperate to hang on to big government and control the people.  Who do you think flew all these kids in to Washington D.C and paid for their hotel rooms and expenses? What’s really funny as these kids that protested to have some of their rights taken away in Parkland Florida, are now upset that some of their rights have been taken away. It seems the school will now only allow clear backpacks and students are upset saying, now get this, why should they be punished because a mentally ill guy with a gun shot up people. What? How ironic is this, they don’t want to have to carry clear backpacks because it violates their right to privacy as “they” didn’t do anything wrong but want all legal gun owners to give up “their” guns because they didn’t do anything wrong. Bwaaaaah ha ha ha. As I said before, it’s easy to lose your rights but almost impossible to get them back.

Time to go, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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