Yesterday I had a lunch meeting on top of Keystone Mountain. I had to take two gondola’s up to get there. In the end it was a great meeting with me selling Vail Resorts hundreds of cases and putting together a deal that will run for at least a year.

When I returned home, I grabbed Jag to take him to practice and then picked up Ty on the way to take him to the doctor to see how his concussion was doing. Thankfully he is cleared now but needs to lay off strenuous activity for a few more days. They like kids to ease there way back into full on activity.

Jag semi practiced as he was still favoring his foot per doctor instructions but will go all out in the games tonight. He had a lot of school work to do to get caught up. Lori worked hard at work as usual and I have a ton of high level moves going on at my work. This should be an interesting year.

B ball starts at 5:30 so we’ll get home around 9. Then we have games at 2 and 4 tomorrow and Jag has the Winter Formal at school tomorrow night from 8 to 11. Ty and I are off to Big D today for a few errands. We should be back by 3 if we’re lucky. He gets to get some new trucks (wheels) on his skateboard that Uncle Tom and Aunt Ali gave him for Christmas.

Have a great day, take care, be safe and GB.

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