And another trip to the doctor

That’s right, yesterday we were back at the clinic only this time it was for Jag. He’s in a walking boot right now with tendinitis. He needs to wear it today but should be able to play tomorrow. He also has a topical cream that’s an anti inflammatory he’s supposed to put on 3 times a day.

Ty came home about an hour early yesterday with his head and neck still sore. I picked him up and we then went to pick up Mojo from the groomer. Then we came home and he opened his presents and we had dinner. He’s off the next two days as it’s “Learn How to Ski” days at school. He won’t be skiing today as he’s still in concussion protocol.

I have a lunch meeting on the mountain at Keystone today. We’re having a wine dinner with Lorenzo and a chef from the French Laundry there on February 17th. I woke up around 2 with a stuffed nose and am still trying to fight off catching a cold. Time to eat some garlic.

It’s almost 6 so I need to run. Ty just crawled in our bed. He sneaks in from time to time. I need to sign him up for summer camp today , cha ching, and then sign both boys up for basketball camp when registration opens on the 22nd, cha ching,  and then pay for the second half of the China trip next week, cha ching, it never stops! Thank God we both work, ha. Snow this weekend and Jag has the Winter Formal dance on Saturday after the games. Lori has a meeting at 7 this morning. She’s had something going on early every single morning this week. Oh well, that’s life! As Mom always said, you do what you have to do! GB

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  1. Robi says:

    Speaking of mom, we need to plan our trip this summer to the ranch in Wyoming where we are going to stay so we can go scatter dad’s and mom’s ashes. Dad is getting antsy – hehe! I’m a planner, got my Hawaii trip planned and payed for and it is 9 months from today lol! Need to go back east this summer too and visit Roberts family, so the sooner we can all figure out when the better for me. Thx

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