The day after

Yesterday we were up early and on our way by 10 am. By noon we picked up Grandma and headed to Tom and Ali’s. Soon after we arrived Shelly made it and then their friend John. For the next few hours we did our best to have a family Christmas that for the first time, was not at Moms. In the end I gave Tommy a hug and told him Mom would have been proud. We all had fun opening presents, laughing, and hanging out together. Still though, of course, it just wasn’t the same. I remembered though, as Mom always said, you do what you have to do, and so we did.

Lori, Grandma, the boys and I left about 4:30 and headed for the Marriott in Cherry Creek. I booked a couple of rooms so we could spend the night. We made it down by about 5 and checked in and then went to dinner downstairs. The food was so so but we visited and then Lori and I took Dixie back to Greg and Jae’s.

By 8 pm we were back in our room and soon after in bed. The boys were tired and we ordered them some more food and left them on their own.

We woke at 6 and headed up to the Concierge Floor (I’m a Gold Marriott guy, ha) for some coffee and breakfast. The stores open at 8 so we’ll head over across the street to the mall and exchange a few things. Then we’ll go see Grandma before heading up the hill.

It was a nice Christmas although sad with Mom gone. There’s nothing that can replace Mom, so I/m trying to just have her “live on” in spirit and in my memory. It must have been a dozen times yesterday I thought of her. Somebody would say something or sit a certain way or a song would come on the radio, that would make me think of her. We all miss her so much and wish she was here but of course she’s not. I’m sure it’ll take time but life will never be the same. The one thing I’ve come to realize is how precious life is and how one absolutely must take the time to cherish each day, spend time with family, don’t sweat the small stuff and tell those you love, that you love them. Not much else matters.

Have a great day, rest up for New Years, and remember, my birthday is on the 29th, ha. God Bless and we love you all.

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  1. robi says:

    Same feeling exactly about mom, so glad you all had a great time! We had a great mexican fiesta and laughs with Billy Christmas Eve. Had lots of presents (thanks to all) then and went to visit Auntie Dee. We then went to the casino for some food! Your bday present has been delivered to you PO Box Douglas.

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