Merry Christmas!

It’s here! Christmas morning! Lori is up and showered while Jag and I are sitting by the tree watching the movie the Christmas Story. Lori just went upstairs to get Ty. We have lots of snow outside but should be fine to get down in a few hours. The boys are anxious to get into the plethora of presents that have surrounded our tree. Now in our defense, many were brought by Santa Claus!

Last night we had our annual Christmas Eve dinner at our favorite French restaurant, Vintage. We ate too much and spent the hour following moaning and groaning due to our indulgence. We know the sommelier who makes sure we are always well taken care of. We went early and were done by 7 and then dropped some wine and presents at our friends hotel as they were arriving later that evening from Washington D.C. They used to live here (remember Warner and Harmond) and are here for the holidays.

Finally a little after 9, Lori and I went to bed. The boys were up until about midnight hanging out together. It’s snowing and blowing out but we’ll hit the road in a few hours after the sun comes up. Right now the tunnel is closed but it should open after the plows get to it. We plan to get to Grandma by about 11:30 and Tom and Ali’s by 1. We’re packing a bag in case we can’t get back up!

So, Merry Christmas, we wish you all health, happiness and joy on this holy day. It’s a day of celebration but also one of sadness as Mom is not here to celebrate with us. We all miss her so much and she always told me that the holidays are the toughest to get through when a loved one is gone. Of course, as usual, she was right, ha. I wonder what Christmas is like in heaven, I’m sure it’s glorious with everything just perfect. Well, I know she’s watching us all and with each of us in spirit.

May God Bless you and your family and may you have a Merry Christmas. We wish we could be together with all of you and love you all very much! Remember, Believe!


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