TGIF, and I mean it!

Thank God It’s Friday! Boy do we need it. Everyone in our household is just beat up, both mentally and physically. The boys are up with us at 5:30 as they have studying to do while Lori and I want to go to the gym. Her neck is so jacked up it looks like she’ll need two surgeries to fix it. It’s about 7 levels she needs fused and is really complicated and risky so we all need to sit down with Dr. C and talk further. Our only other option is more injections which run about $3000 and we’re still paying for the last ones! The problem is that her relief wears off and the pain is back before we finish paying, not a winning formula. I did tell her though if she gets some relief to go ahead and get some more, and we’ll figure out how to pay for it.

We’re tired, so tired Lori just asked if we were too tired to go to the gym! We need to make sure both boys are up working before we go anywhere.

I talked or texted with Robin, Shelly and Tom yesterday and we’re all doing as well as can be expected. We all just wish we could have our Mom back! Unfortunately the World doesn’t work that way. Mom’s dear friend Muriel from Wisconsin sent a card that arrived at Tom’s yesterday with a check for $50 to buy some flowers for the service. Tom and I both called her to thank her and tell her we’re not cashing her check. How sweet for Mom’s close friend from Wisconsin, (I think they went to school together and they’d talk weekly, especially in football season) to send a check as we know she has no money. Mom’s obituary should be in the paper today, I’ll post it below.

They say snow could be arriving this weekend, whoa boy, that’s a little early! Lori is going to California to see her Mom next Thursday so it’ll be a busy week. Time to run as we need to get moving. Here’s Mom’s notice in the paper, it’ll run for three days. Hope everyone likes it as I tried to accommodate everyone’s wishes. God Bless


 Lois R. Fugate Obituary

Sadly, Lois R. Fugate passed away Saturday September 9th 2017, peacefully at home. Born in Shawano Wisconsin on January 31st, 1933, Lois was preceded in death by her husband of 45 years, Ivan Dee Fugate. Survived by sister Dorothy, sons Doug (Lori),and Tom (Ali), daughters Michelle and Robin (Robert), and grandchildren Tasha (Derek), Billy, Eli, Jagger, Ty, and great grandchildren Aviaq and Annika. Lois was a beloved mother, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend who will be dearly missed. Graceful and elegant, Lois was a shining light of kindness who made the lives of all those around her better. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, she was a former cheerleader and saxophone player in her University marching band. Until the day she left us, Lois loved her Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers. Go Pack and On Wisconsin! Services will be held at Rockland Community Church in Golden Colorado on October 5th at 3pm. Rockland is located at 17 Mt. Vernon Country Club Road in Golden, CO.
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  1. Robi says:

    The obituary is nice and mom is so pretty! I know you were hoping to have it in the paper yesterday (Thursday), but it’s actually better because it will run through Sunday, and if like me, I only get the paper Wednesday and Sunday. Sorry about your neck Lori and hope your mom is doing ok. Here’s a saying from a little daily calendar mom gave me – Keep on believing God answers prayers. Keep on believing he’s still up there. Trials and sorrows will soon disappear, nothing can harm you when Jesus is near. Keep on believing the storm will pass. Look for the rainbow ’twill come at last; Trust in his promise ’twas written for you. Keep on believing and pray your way through.

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