And more drama

Yesterday after another trip to Denver, I made it home in time to get to Jag’s school to pick him up. Ty stayed late to watch the football game and I picked him up around 5:30. When I was driving him home he complained about his right arm which is the one in the cast. Two hours later he was crying in pain and we were headed to the Emergency Room at the hospital. Thankfully, Dr. Viola, from Lori’s clinic and who knows the boys well as he’s done no less than 3 surgeries on them, was still there. He met us in the ER and checked Ty out.

Turns out in gym class they lifted weights and Ty did 4 sets of bench press consisting of 30 reps each with a cast on! We were flabbergasted as we never signed a waiver so he could participate in strenuous activities much less weight lifting. Randy (Dr. Viola) said he just over used his arm and sent us home with Tylenol and Advil until the morning when he can x-ray Ty’s arm. Thank God he was still at the hospital otherwise we’d be out thousands of dollars to the hospital. Driving home I looked at Lori and said, “this is right about where I’d call my Mom and tell her what’s going on”, which was spot on. Only now of course, I can’t pick up the phone and give her a call. I still told her what happened and can see her shaking her head and saying something clever.

Tom, Robin and I had numerous texts back and forth about the upcoming service. I sometimes wish we could all three just get on the phone and agree on what to do. I probably am too pushy trying to get things done and probably piss one or both of them off from time to time, if so, sorry. I’m just trying to help get things done. Tom and I were going to go clean out some more stuff, like the kitchen or basement but neither of us much felt like doing anything today. Every time we walk into the house it’s a reminder, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, hope everyone is well, hope Ty doesn’t have a broken arm as that’s all we’d need about now, ugh.

Fun pictures! In the top one, the photographer obviously told us all to “look up”! We were younger in the top picture but I’m not sure by how much.

Take care and God Bless.

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    Great pics!

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