Back and forth

We were down and up from Denver yesterday and I’ll do the same today. Then tomorrow and Thursday I’ll be up here as I luckily have a colonoscopy that’s been scheduled for four months, ugh.

Jag wasn’t feeling it and asked if he could go with Lori and I yesterday so we let him come along. It was nice to have him with us and I think helped him deal with the loss of his Grandma. Both boys are taking Friday off so we’ll go down for a three day weekend and cap it off with the Bronco Dallas game. I just couldn’t get it together to go last night.

It’s still surreal as sometimes think I’d better give Mom a call and then reality sets in. We’re all staying busy and there will be lots of house cleaning to do over the next few months. Today I need to hopefully finalize the date of the service, handle some other arrangements and finish writing the obituary. Lori and Ali will be back at work and Ty heads out for a 3 day camping trip with his school. Meanwhile Jag is going in early as he had me call his counselor at school as he feels he isn’t being challenged enough. He has a 4.29 GPA right now and that’s with him being in the Advanced Placement classes. Grandma would be proud!

I miss my Mom lots and find myself trying to make deals with God to let he come back. I know this is natural and not reality but do it anyhow. I’m talking to her a lot and know she’s listening. I pray that she’s happy and hope that she’s proud of the way I’m trying to handle things. She’s like a litmus test for most decisions I’m making as I know if she’d think things are ok or that somethings a good idea, then it surely is.

I hope everyone is doing well. We all have to grieve in our own way. Auntie Dee called Tom’s yesterday and I overheard her saying on the phone, “we have to do what we have to do”, which was funny as like I said yesterday, that’s what my Mom and I would always say when faced with adversity.

The picture from yesterday was from Robins wedding. I didn’t know this but she texted and told us so when she saw it. Mom was so pretty and elegant and graceful and I’m not just saying that cause she was my Mom! Everyone that knew her knew that for sure. Also everyone I tell of the news wants to come to the service from the dry cleaner to my buddy’s from across the Country. Tom called and said we should all wear jeans and white Polo shirts as that was Mom’s “go to” outfit. I’m fine with whatever as believe me, my Mom won’t care what anyone is wearing. Tom also suggested we have people donate to some cause instead of sending flowers as we wouldn’t know what to do with hundreds of bouquets of flowers we’d get. We’ll figure it out.

Time to run, more tomorrow but I need to get both boys moving as the World doesn’t stop. Here’s a picture of Mom, Tom and I from a few weeks ago, ha. Just kidding as it must have been from 30 years ago! I’m looking for more pictures and will continue to post them. Take care and God Bless.

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    Fantastic pic!

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