Down and up

Yesterday we went down to Denver to see Dix and my Mom and then drove home arriving around 9pm last night. Looks like today will be a repeat of yesterday although we’ll head home earlier than yesterday. We made it to Greg and Jay’s (Lori’s cousins) where Dixie is staying, a little after noon. We visited for a few minutes and then all headed to my Mom’s. We arrived there around 1:30, visited for an hour and a half and then headed back to Greg and Jays for dinner. We visited some more and finally around 7:15, left for home. Mojo is still in doggie daycare and I was planning on getting him today but we’ll see how early Lori and I leave for Denver.

Tasha and her husband and the two girls arrived yesterday and are staying at my Mom’s. They’re having a bbq around 4 or 5 tonight but we’ll be headed up the hill for home before then. Lori and I will probably leave around 9:30 this morning to drive back down. I’ll drop her to visit her Mom and then go run some errands on my own. I’ll then pick her up around 2:30 to head home so we’ll probably miss Tasha this trip. We’re leaving the boys at home rather than drag them along. They did pretty well yesterday.

Lots to do up here but Dix is headed to Oklahoma probably Monday or Tuesday so Lori needs to go back down to visit her. Enjoy the day, hope all’s well, take care and GB.

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