Back to Denver

Today we’re off to Denver to see G’ma Dix. We’re rushing around to get moving so we can get to her by noon. Mojo is in daycare until tomorrow as we couldn’t leave him alone all day. We had to take him yesterday and will pick him up tomorrow as you can only pick your dog up at 9am or 5pm on weekends and we need to leave before that and won’t be home until after that tonight. Getting out of town for even a full day as a family takes some work.

Finally the basement is dry. We don’t have the bill yet and will get it sometime next week. We are going on a full spending moratorium until August 15th which will allow us to get back on track expense wise. It’s only about 50 days but it’ll be 50 days without spending a cent on anything but absolute necessities. Wish us luck.

Time to get moving so have a good day. GB

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