Fans still blowing

Yesterday after a quick trip to Denver (the boys stayed home and slept) I took Jag to the orthodontist. While he was there, I went across the parking lot and worked out with our trainer. Man am I sore! It was one of the tougher workouts I’ve ever had in my life, no exaggeration. Next up was a drive down to Eagle to FedEx and then home. After I pulled in, the Flood Manager showed up to take readings on our walls and carpets with some electronic meter. We’re making progress but still had some wet spots. He brought in two more fans (at $27 a day each) and set them up. He’ll be back today around 5 to check the progress. I think we’re going to get away without ripping walls apart, if we’re lucky. Same with the carpet.

Today Lori has clinic, she has 33 hours in so far this week with 2 days to go! Tasha my niece arrives in Denver Saturday and Tommy is having a bbq Sunday but I don’t think we’ll make it as we’re going down Friday to see G’ma Dixie and staying until Saturday. It’s cool up here again this morning which is nice. I’d like to just hang out with Lori for the day and rest but that’s not going to happen. No break in sight for us until at least a week from this weekend. Life is busy. Time to go! GB

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