Time to bring in the pros

Yesterday after Jag and I made it home from Denver we called a company to come in and handle our flood. They brought in extractors to suck up water, meters to measure the moisture levels in various places and 4 big fans that they left running overnight to try to dry things out. Good news is they think we won’t have to tear out any walls. Bad news is this isn’t going to be cheap! Today after lunch someone ( a flood manager) will come back and check on it. Oh well, like I always say, if you’re not going to remember it in six months, it’s not that big of a deal. Not sure if I’ll remember this one in six months or not, I’ll wait until I get the final bill, ha.

Today Jag goes to the orthodontist at 2, Lori works out this morning at 7, I work out at 2:30 and Ty has to start getting things gathered up for camp. He and Sonny were going to skateboard into town yesterday but called me from the Ranger Station to pick them up as it was too hot. I guess in Denver, or even worse, California or Arizona, it’s really hot, like above 110 degrees! With it only being June 21st, (the first day of summer) look out as we’re probably in for a long hot summer.

We just finished paying off some more of Lori’s medical bills from her shoulder operation last December. We’re down to two bills left, ugh. Jag, Ty and I will run down to Denver today to put a check in the bank at 9am when they open. Then we’ll head right back up the hill but might stop at grandma’s to say hi. Time to run, hope all’s well and stay cool, wherever you are, and drink lots of water! GB


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