Off to Denver

Today, as a Father’s Day present to myself, I’m taking Lori down to Denver for a microderm facial at our friends spa. You might ask why Denver? ┬áIt’s because our close friends give us gift cards (they own the spa) so we don’t pay. You also might ask why get Lori a facial when it’s “Father’s Day”? Well, it’s because, as they say, if Mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy. Ok, that’s not it either, Lori’s always pretty happy. It’s just because I thought she’d enjoy it and I have a couple of shirts to return to Neiman Marcus so we could do both. Right now our tv, internet and phones are out due to a power failure, so it’s pretty quiet around here.

Yesterday I took off for Aspen at 10am and was in town by 11:40. I stopped by our friends house before hooking up with Jody and Eric and heading over to the party. We saw lots of people we do business with and made some new connections as well. I left around 3 and was home by 4:30. I then grabbed Ty and took him to Lori’s office so Eric (the PA) could check him out as he needed a physical for camp coming up in two weeks. We then all came home and hung out before hitting the hay.

Tomorrow I think we’re all going to Aspen for lunch and some fun for Father’s Day. More to come on that. Time to run now so Lori and I can get out the door. It was 87 degrees yesterday but one of the great things about living in the mountains is that it cools off at night. In the mornings, we open the doors and let all the cool fresh air in which then cools down the house for the day. Have a good weekend, GB

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