Altitude, dehydration, Aspen and a presentation

Lori and I have both had headaches from what we think is the altitude (from being at sea level for 10 days) and dehydration from going from 80% humidity to about zero! Today we’ll drink lots of water and turn on the humidifier.

This morning she has a mini presentation at 7:20 and I’m off to Aspen to meet Jody and Eric (who work for me) at Aspen Food and Wine. We’re going to the Champagne Party from 1 until 3 that one of our distributors we work with in 16 States, puts on every year. It’s basically a shake hands and kiss babies event meaning just a lot of schmoozing. Nothing gets done business wise but you have to show up to say hi to everyone. I go every year but had Jody from Florida, and Eric from Texas, who both work with these guys closely, come in for the 2 hour event.

Yesterday I went to Lowes and picked up a bunch of cleaning supplies and other household items. I found two great chairs for the deck but they were sold as a pair and $250 each so I don’t know if we’ll spring for $500 for chairs. They sure were nice though.

Lori’s going to try to leave work early and I hope to be home by 4:30 and then we’ll get some much needed rest. We both need a vacation from our vacation! Time to run, GB

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