Still tired

Yesterday we were busy, and tired. The time difference to Hawaii is only 4 hours which isn’t a big deal but only 4 hours sleep Monday night was. The boys slept until noon so they were ok. I dropped Lori at work at 9 and was down and back from Denver by about 1. Then I needed to shop for groceries and after that, both boys had dentist appointments. Turns out Ty needs to go back today too for a cavity at 11:30. Jag too has one and will get in next month. After the dentist at 5pm, we picked up Mojo who also had a cracked tooth and a bump inside his mouth removed while we were gone. I joked with our dentist that I should have brought Mojo to him as the vet was much more expensive than he was. He was happy to see us and we were happy to see him. After we picked up Mojo, the boys and I and Mojo then picked up Lori on the way home. She then made some yummy fish tacos for dinner and we all settled in and watched some tv before going to bed.

This morning Lori and I are off to the gym. I have a bunch of work as does Lori and Ty needs a physical for camp. I have to drop off a form in Eagle to get out of jury duty and property taxes are due tomorrow, ugh. It’s nice up here, clean fresh air that has a cool breeze in the mornings. Denver was hot, hazy and smoggy yesterday. it was good to get back up here. Have a good day, GB

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