Still more sun

Yesterday after breakfast, it was off to the pool at the Ritz and then the beach before heading into Lahaina to pick up some small gifts for Lori’s girls at work. Then around 5pm, we were back at Merriman’s for a bit as Aleks was a featured winemaker from 6 until 8. The boys left us at our table and went down to the beach to swim and see the turtles. They found about 3 large ones right below us on the deck and hung out with them for a while. Jag put his hand above one and it popped its head out of the water right up into Jag’s hand. Around 7pm we headed home and then Lori and I took a walk to work off some of our dinner. I think we could both go a few weeks without any food.

Today we need to be at the airport around 6pm. Sure hope our flight is on time. We should land in Denver about 6am Monday morning. Then we’ll head up the hill and drop Lori at work and then Jag has an orthodontist appointment at 10:10am. In between, or on the drive up the hill, I have a conference call. From the minute we land, (actually before) , we’re both back at it. It’s been a great trip with everyone having a good time. Lori’s neck has been hurting a bit but she’s had no headache. Lots for both of us to do but that’s life. Here’s a great picture of the boys near sunset with the turtles in the ocean. The turtles are hard to see but they’re there! Have a good Sunday and we’ll be back in Colorado tomorrow, GB.

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