A long day and drive

Aleks, Lori, the boys and I left around 8am for Hana. We had no idea the trip would take us over 3 hours. Coming back was even a bit longer! The road is long and winding with 40 or 50 one lane bridges. Throw in some construction and it made for a long day. Once there it was so so, pretty scenery but not really worth 7 hours in a car. Anyhow we made it and can say we were there, that’s something. Along the way they had tons of great waterfalls and freshwater pools to swim in which was actually more fun that Hana itself. In the photo below you can see an aura around Lori and I which was some Hawaiian spirit from the past.

Today we’re off to another beach and then will hit the pool at the Ritz. Not sure what we’ll do tonight, last night we pretty much crashed as we were all tired from the trip. Tomorrow is our last day and it’s been fun but it’s always good to get home. Hope everyone is well, GB

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