The Eagle (Aleks) Has Landed

Yesterday, Aleks, Kristin and her boyfriend Tommy, landed from Oahu at 10am. We hooked up with them for dinner at one of the most spectacular restaurants there is. Merriman’s is right on the water and the food is really really good. Ty decided to stay home but Jag came along. There were six of us total and we had a great time. Aleks, my long time friend and uber cool winemaker from Slovenia, ordered the wine. When they served it, they asked if everyone was having wine to which the table said yes, and unbeknownst to us at the time, they poured Jagger wine too! So, going with the flow, we let him sip on it as he does when we’re in Europe and he was one of the adults for the evening. Lori had the scallops while Jag and I both had Lobster enchiladas which was incredible. Throw in some great appetizers and salads and desserts (Jag ate one and took one to go!) and over $1000 later we were headed home. The bill was big as like I said, Aleks ordered the wine and they tack on an automatic 20% tip for parties of six or more. Thankfully the EU (European Union) will reimburse us for dinner as a marketing expense for Aleks being here.

Today the wine festival starts. I woke up at 4:40am for a 5am (8am Pacific time) conference call. Tonight we have another dinner at Star Noodle, the great place we ate the other night. Up first is an industry event from noon until 4pm. Time to go for my morning walk with Lori. Have a great day and GB.

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