Fun on the water

We made it to the marina by about 6:30. My buddy Jeff, who I’ve known for almost 40 years, met us there 15 minutes later. He came along fishing with Jag and I. The boat pulled out around 7:15am with the three of us and a young couple who were just married and another couple and their 12 year old adopted son. (we could tell he was adopted as he was Chinese). In about 45 minutes we were out a ways in the ocean all rigging up our lines getting ready to drop them to the bottom and then crank the reels up 3 times. Jag caught the first fish and ended up catching the most which was great. It was hot and a little choppy. We cruised around from spot to spot and all caught our limit. Below is a picture of some of our fish. These are a type of Snapper and they sure were good eating as we had them for dinner. Meanwhile Lori and Ty went stand up paddle boarding in the ocean. They also took a long walk along the beach. We were home by 12:30 in the afternoon and were a bit tired. But alas, we were off to the beach. After the beach, we lounged around, answered a bunch of emails, (Lori and I never get a vacation!) and took it easy. Today we’re off to Black Rock where the boys climb a rock and jump into the ocean, they love doing it.


Aleks and Kristin also arrive this morning and I have a meeting this afternoon and then we all go to probably the best restaurant on the island, Merriman’s, tonight for dinner. That’s it, more to come, hope all’s well, GB

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