Here comes May

April’s almost gone, another month in the books with May just around the corner. We’re waiting for summer but before you know it, it’ll be here and gone too. Time and life goes fast, don’t waste it! Our goal is to enjoy each and every day. We’re trying to travel a lot, do new things, and spend time together as a family. Even though that’s what we’d like to do, it seems one or more of us always has something going on. Throw in you, brothers, sisters and mothers, and the days are even more occupied. Spontaneity is key otherwise you’ll just ┬ásit around and miss out on a lot. So, get ready for some summer adventures. We’d share our plans with you but we don’t even know what they’ll be yet. All we know is we are going to get out there, somewhere, somehow.

Yesterday I was down and up from the big city in time to pick the boys up from school. Same goes for today, no matter the weather. I’d like to postpone my trip until tomorrow but I have something going on then and Jag has two baseball games, which will probably be cancelled due to rain or snow.

I ended up with a new pair of boots yesterday as the girls at the western shop I’ve been going to for years, took back a pair that had been causing me pain in my left foot. The one girl who likes me, (they all like me!) said she’d just send them back as defective. They have two stores but one is way out east past the airport which I never get to. Anyhow she picked out 5 pair of boots from that store where she works half the week, and brought them over to the store I go to, for me to see what I liked. I ended up with a cool new pair of handmade elephant boots for no charge! I give the girls wine now and then and have been shopping there for years. They pretty much treat me like family which is nice.

Speaking of returning things, the guys at the meat department from Whole Foods where I shop, replaced my bad lamb shanks with 2 huge tenderloins, even though I didn’t have a receipt. I told them that the lamb didn’t cost that much but they said they wanted to take care of me for my trouble. So not a bad day, new boots and a couple of steaks!

Lori is off to Denver around noon and hopefully back up by 5pm. Jag has baseball practice, and Ty I’m sure has homework. The NFL Draft is tomorrow but it starts at 6pm. With the Bronco’s picking at number 20, that means it’ll be 10pm or so before they’re up. I wish they’d start a couple hours earlier. Oh well, it’s football, maybe I’ll cook up a couple of steaks on the grill while wearing my new boots! God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    There is a commercial on t.v. – It say’s, in 20 years you won’t regret the things you did, you will regret the things you didn’t do!

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