Skiing, boarding and sledding

We started the day out by getting up at 6am and were on the slopes by 9. The boys went snowboarding and I decided to ski for a few hours by myself. I haven’t skied in a couple of years since I had knee surgery in May 2013 but all was good. Thankfully skiing for me is like riding a bike. Everything came back to me and by the 3rd run it was as if I had never been off my skis. Now my muscles, that’s another story. I could feel the burn in both my quads from the first run and had to force myself to conciously relax between turns. By the evening I was sore though but I’ll work through it today and after 30 minutes of pain or so, it’ll go away. I’m just lucky that way, knock on wood!

Around noon or so I hooked up with the boys and I did a few runs with them on their snowboards. They are both doing incredible for never really snowboarding before. By next weekend I should be able to take them just about anywhere on the mountain. At 1pm Lori picked us all up and we then grabbed some leftovers for lunch before heading out for some afternoon sledding. Finally at 5 we ended up at a restaurant where the owner is a friend. By 6pm we were done and boy it felt like 10pm!

Today the boys and I will hit the slopes in the morning and then in the afternoon we’re going out scouting the woods for the perfect Christmas tree that we have a permit to cut down. We’ll strap it on top of the car and hopefully get it down to Denver tomorrow. That’s about it, lots of exercise and fun in the sun and snow. Hope you all are well, have a great day and God Bless.

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