The Perfect Turkey

Well she did it, after 14 years of trying to make a good turkey, not only did Lori make a good turkey, she knocked it out of the park! Yesterday we had what was basically the perfect turkey, and she doesn’t even really like turkey! The skin was golden brown, the white meat moist and the dark meat perfect. She used a Martha Stewart recipe where she soaked cheese cloth in white wine and butter and cooked the turkey for the first few hours with that covering the breast. She even stuffed it! Throw in mashed potato’s and gravy, green beans, cranberries and pie and it was a great meal.

First up though was the boys morning of snowboarding. They were on the hill from about 9 until 1 and did great. All the international race teams are here practicing so they were side by side with the French, Italians, Germans, Canadians, the U.S. and more. They were running gates (the race course) on the hill next to the boys. After boarding, sledding was up next. We made our own course on a hill which was fun and fast. After that the boys built gingerbread houses which we picked up at Walmart for $8 bucks. Throw in our favorite Christmas movie, One Magic Christmas, and it was a fun family day.

Today the boys are back on the hill and I’ll ski this morning and then hook up with the boys around noon. No Black Friday shopping for us as all our money this year is going to skiing and snowboarding. Lori is determined to make sure the kids ski every waking moment they’re not in school this year as it’s such good exercise and basically required for every kid if you live in Colorado. Now they know how to ski but the snowboarding thing, even though they’ve played around, is pretty much new. By the way, Mojo is in heaven romping through the deep snow and then laying down in front of the fire on his bed with a fresh bone. It’s like a Hallmark Card.

Hope everyone had a great meal and fun time wherever you were. I know my Mom was excited for all the football. I didn’t see much with all the activities. Thanks to Uncle T for watching the house and turning our lights on and off. (I did stop the paper) Have a great day and God Bless.

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