Annette says:

The Sumo wrestlers looked like fun. It’s amazing how much fun you can have without toys.

You are so right! I remember when the kids were 2 years old and they liked tupperware more than toys. They used to pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards and stack it up while they’re toys sat idle in the other room. Ben the neighbor kid has been home for a few days from his trip and the boys have been back on electronics (video games) in full force. This is not good, it does something to their little brains so we’ve banned them once again. Time to play outside, that’s the rule.

Mom was downtown working yesterday while Ty went to the wildlife park with his friend Nick (and Mom) and Jag and I went to lunch and went to Kinkos to make 200 copies of paperwork for the sales meeting today.

We’re supposed to go to the big end of the summer party on the backside of Aspen Mountain tomorrow night as Billie called and said she got tickets for us and we have to come up. Tonight we’re at John and Julie’s in Cherry Creek for a party at 6 so we’ll be busy busy this weekend. We’re not normally the social butterfly’s, it just worked out that way. We’ll either take the kids or they might stay at Uncle T and Aunt Ali’s which they’re all excited about. The oldest had a rough couple days from having soda. Its like he’s hypoglycemic, he really needs to stay off it. We think he learned his lesson as he didn’t like the way he felt at all. If not they’ll go with us as we’re staying at the Ranch again.

As I said, I have a sales meeting at 11am so I’ll leave at 10 and should be home by noon.

That’s about it, time to run, take care and God Bless.

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