Another Sleepover

Good morning, as you probably guessed we had another sleepover at our house last night.    The boys played all day with the neighbor boy across the street. Ben’s mom took the boys to a local restaurant for lunch and Ben had dinner with us for the third consecutive evening. We don’t mind. The kiddos enjoy having a guest, and as I recall my best friend Kristin was at my house for most dinners that my mom served.

The Mr. ran a lot of errands yesterday and had his Dr. appointment in Vail.  The Doc asked, “What did you do to my knee?” The Mr. stretched his tendons on the outer part of his knee and also did something to his quad.  He is back to PT, but the soonest they can get him in is next Tuesday…bummer.

The youngest used his barefoot as a brake while riding his scooter yesterday and I believe he has road rash on the sole of his little foot.  He is really tough and I’m sure will never brake without a shoe on again. He had an icepack tied to the bottom of his foot when he went to bed last night.

What did you think of our pseudo sumo wrestlers? They had so much fun….the boys would run from the kitchen to the dining room and slide on their bellies.  They would have to roll onto their backs and rock back and forth to gain enough momentum to get up. They also launched themselves onto our bed…again having to roll for position.  Funny kids.

The Mr. has to box up many cases of wine to take to a sales meeting tomorrow and I have meetings downtown from 11:00 to 4:30…needless to say he has the boys.

Love to all.

God Bless

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