Cool nights, good sleep

We’ve been sleeping with the windows wide open and it’s been cool at night making for some good sleep. It’ll be 80 plus in a few days and probably stay that way for the next 3 or 4 months so we’re trying to enjoy it while we can.

Both boys made it to school and had a good day. We’re going to see if the doctor will release the big guy for baseball tonight. Not sure if she will or not and the league requires a note before he can come back.

Mom walked the kids to school yesterday and then I picked her up so she didn’t have to walk home. She went to the office for a few hours while I was at therapy. My knee sure swelled up yesterday so I had to take it easy and ice it later in the day.

The big event of the day was Aunt Ali taking the oldest guy to the book store. Mom was cooking dinner and I was icing and we called her and she jumped right up and was out the door on the way to pick him up. Not only did she take him there for his new book, she also bought the youngest guy a small stuffed animal so he didn’t feel left out! She wins the Aunt of the Year award! WOW!

The news of course just won’t let the Oklahoma tornados go. They’ve all sent anchors there and it seems like they’re hoping for the death count to rise. Now they’re showing pictures of actual kids who perished all for ratings but they act like they really care. Amazing that none of them can figure out that we, the people, don’t really want to see that sort of thing. Typical media, they just push and push any tragedy over and over. It must sell otherwise they wouldn’t run it I guess.

The Pres must be loving it as it’s a distraction from all the trouble he’s in. Today an I R S offical will take the 5th, meaning she’ll refuse to talk, nice, really really nice. And of course our Pres says he knew nothing about it even though his Chief of Staff, White House Counsel, and countless others now did (it was just discovered). He though says he didn’t know, right. If he didn’t know, he should fire his entire staff for not telling him and we should fire him for being so out of the loop. Have you noticed the trend, when there’s good news, he takes the credit but when there’s bad news, he plays dumb! How’s that for our Commander in Chief, pretty pitiful if you ask me and thankfully the majority of Americans think so too. Looks like the shine is finally coming off the golden goose.

So aren’t you glad I’m back to set you all straight. One more and this is a real laugher, Anthony Weiner, the disgraced fired NY congressman who texted photos of well, his “weiner” to under aged women, while married, announced his candidacy for Mayor of New York! And his wife is in a video with him supporting him! Are you freaking kidding me, what the hell has happened to our country. He’ll probably win!

Time to run, that’s plenty for you all to chew on for the day. I think we should all move to Wyoming and run for office and make our own little country, just kidding but it’a almost that bad.

Hope Pa Don is doing better, I think they moved him to a rehab kind of nursing home yesterday where they have a wound specialist that can help his leg. Dixie has now taken charge and no longer listens to what the doctors say, and is now thinking on her own and questioning them. She learned this the hard way as they really jerked him around and almost killed him. Good for her, Don and all of us are lucky to have her. As I said before, just because a guy has a title (doctor, lawyer, dentist,whatever) doesn’t mean he’s qualified. (like the title President!)

Time to run as we all slept in until 6:30. Have a great day, buy some extra food, guns and ammo and physical gold and silver! (I could go on but think I’ll ease you all back into it, ha ha)

God Bless

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