He’s back! Although we lost as the other team had a really really good pitcher, our guy had one of only 2 or 3 hits the entire game. He was glad to be back with his team. We left at 4:15 and finally made it home around 8:15 as the game was way up north, about 30 miles!

Yesterday the misses went downtown and I had to take it easy to keep the swelling down on my knee. I did pretty well at the game as I kept my knee up the whole time. Here’s a comment from Eleanor,

Eleanor Tafoya says:

Sorry to hear about Don, Dixie will put the doctor in their place, congrats to Dixie!! As for ( Weiner) I laughed so hard, candidacy for mayor of New York , holy cow !!

I agree with her as we’re still laughing, even the boys are saying they can’t believe he texted a photo of his “junk” (their words) to people.

Today we’re all busy so no time for politics, time to run now as the oldest has to be at school by 7am. By the way, our new favorite family show is Duck Dynasty, about a family of brothers who make duck calls and all look like they’re in ZZ Top. It’s too funny and the we all enjoy it. Take care and God Bless, go out today and buy a gun!

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