Christmas Eve and 10 in a row!

Today is Christmas Eve, everyone is excited, but first, the Denver Bronco’s won their 10th game in a row! Jag, Aunt Robi, Robert and I took off a little before 1pm for the game. We made it to our seats about 20 minutes before kickoff after Aunt Robi and Robert took some pictures of themselves in front of the stadium. We started off by marching down the field and scoring a touchdown. By the time it was the middle of the 4th quarter, we had held Cleveland to about 150 yards. The oldest had hot chocolate, a pretzel and a Sprite and was arm wrestling with Aunt Robi as it was kind of a bit boring for stretches as we seemed to score at will. Aunt Robi and Robert had a good time as Chris and Mark (the guys who always sit behind us) were in late season form ribbing the Browns fans, the refs and any other thing we could find to joke about during the game. It’s always like that, we always have fun in our section.

We rushed home and dropped Aunt Robi and Robert at Uncle T’s and then picked up the youngest and Mom and headed out to the oldest guys friends house where we arrived just as Santa was getting his big red bag of presents ready for the kids. After a half an hour there, we loaded up and headed to Mark and Carries for dinner. We had a fun time visiting while the kids played and then we all, parents and kids, played a game they gave us for Christmas. We made it home by 9 and everyone headed straight to bed. I slept in until about 5:30 this morning, yea, and the misses joined me about 6. Her hip has tightened up and she can barely walk and is in pain. Hope it’s not broke! We’ll have to go for an x-ray but’ll probably wait until Wednesday.

Tonight I’ll go…uh oh….the post dropped the rest of the Mr.’s writings, so I’ll try to fill in.

Tonight The Mr. will drive to Parisi (one of his accounts) and pick up our yummy Christmas Eve dinner.  We are having artichoke chicken, veggies, salad and perhaps a potato dish, and for desert tiramisu.  Grandma, Aunt Shelly, Aunt Robin and Robert as well as our crew will be in attendance. We offered to have Uncle T. Aunti B. and her family as well, but I think they have quite a few people and maybe felt like an imposition. It would have been fine….I did have 2o something here for book club.

The oldest is down on the couch with us and I need to make a list and the youngest just made his way to the family room in my cozy robe.

I (the Mr.)have a bit of never ending cleaning to do…the dining table looks like a major wrapping station, and not an organized one.  Oh well at least the packages look pretty. We are off to start the day.

Merry Christmas Eve…and God Bless.




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