What a day

First off, we found out yesterday morning that Grandma Dixie’s brother, Uncle Bill to the misses, had passed away at their home Sunday night. Many of you don’t know but Grandma Dixie, always thinking of others before herself, refused to put her brother into a nursing home 5 months ago, even though that’s what his children wanted to do as it was frankly, the easiest thing to do. Instead she brought him home to her house in California from Texas where he was able to live the remaining few months of his life being with his sister and having the best care possible. I don’t know all the details so I won’t dive into this too deep but from what I understand, thank God for her and shame on his children for not showing more compassion and concern in the last days of their fathers life. I know it’s never easy to take care of older folks but I would suggest to those who have elderly parents who are facing similar situations now or in the future to remember what love and care and sacrifices those same people made for you when you were young! Many years ago it was the elders of society that were the leaders and the most revered and respected but now we seem to ignore or throw them away. Did you ever see a young indian chief? No, it was always the elders with the most life experience who led the tribe. In any case, my deepest sympathies go out to her and also to the misses who was quite upset. Grandma Dixie, once again, put others before her, just like my Mom has always done. I’m proud that she’s my mother in law.

Last night the big storm hit the east coast. Thankfully from what I know, the damage and destruction while bad, is not quite as bad as the tv had said it would be. I say this as I have a partner and an employee who both live in New York City. Both are fine, didn’t lose power and said it really didn’t rain all that much. The wind was bad for a time but it was mostly lower Manhattan that has all the problems due to all the flooding. The low lying areas were hit the hardest and 16 people so far have died. I think the biggest problem is going to be all the salt water that flooded into subways and tunnels and basements as salt rusts and corrodes things and it will be a while before they can get all the water out. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as all the forecasters thought it would be. With that said, you can only hope that those people affected took the steps to prepare to take care of themselves for a few days until power companies and emergency personnel can get things fixed.

Now to our little corner of the world. The boys came home, whipped through their homework and then did some reading. The oldest has been playing his clarinet and is getting pretty darn good. We’re glad he didn’t choose the drums! He just came down and joined me on the couch while Mom and the younger guy are still sleeping. Halloween is tomorrow so we’re all gearing up for that around here, we’ll post some pictures so you can see the boys.

Same old same old on the headache front, not much else to say there. We were going to Paris November 14 to the 18th but decided to stay home even though we had free tickets and hotel. There’s just too  much going on work wise and we’d still spend $1000 or more on food and chocolate and cheese we don’t have. Instead I will be doing the holiday shows (industry wine tasting) for the Colorado distributor that are in Vail and Aspen. So I’m going to take the misses with me and we’ll spend two night in Aspen while Uncle T and Aunt B take the boys. We’ll leave the morning of the 13th, go to the event in Vail from 1 until 4 and then drive to Aspen where we’ll check into our hotel, have a nice dinner and spend the night before getting up to attend the event the next day from 1 until 4. Then we’ll stay that night, get up and drive home in time to pick up the kids from school. This way we’ll still have a mini vacation that will all be picked up by the Company, gas and food included! It’s not Paris but for those of you who haven’t been, Aspen is pretty darn close in it’s own way.

I’ll be gone most of the day and the misses has a baby shower at noon for our doctor friends daughter and then will also go over some ideas for the doctors office she’s helping remodel. The boys have the “pig race” this afternoon. This is where they earn a mechanical pig for selling all that crap (baked goods, wrapping paper, etc.) that some of you bought a month or so ago. The youngest, with Uncle T’s help and a lot of hard work on his own, sold enough to earn two pigs so he’s giving one to his brother so he can race too! Very nice. Oh by the way, the youngest brought home his school work yesterday and received a 4 on his writing! Now understand, they do not just hand out 4’s every day. In fact, they’re very very difficult to earn so we’re really proud of him. His story was on Maui Hawaii and how much he likes to go there and all the things he does. Great job!

Time to run, it’s almost 7am and lots going on. Take care and God Bless.

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