What a game!

Ok, it’s official, the Denver Broncos are for real. We thrashed the Saints last night which was not expected by anyone. The crowd was electric and it seemed it was one of those nights where nothing could go wrong. Now back to the day,

Earlier we were over at the youngest guys friends house with about 6 other couples for a pumpkin carving party for the kids. This went on most of the afternoon and the kids had a blast.

Before that we ran to the store for well, more pumpkins! I think the boys have carved up 6 or 8 apiece so far this season.

Mom’s head was feeling like you know what and my leg was well, you know what. Now the misses is in real pain but for me, hell I’ll get over it. This brings us to the comments from the day, here ya go,

  1. Tom says:

    For two people who are health nuts, food wise and work out wise, you both sure seem to have a lot of problems. You need to change to my lifestyle, drinking and smoking and staying up late! I have far fewer problems then you all. he he.

    Now onto Christmas, no I do not have my shopping complete, I’m half way finished! Although, yes I do have the decorations all set to be put up in a couple weeks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hey isn’t that a song! Better get the Christmas cd’s out soon.

  2. Annette says:

    Tell Clark Griswold I’m really happy he is almost ready for Christmas! Arin’t pheasants an endangered species or something? Go Giants!

    Now Uncle T might have a point and for Grandma Annette, pheasants are not endangered and Uncle T, I think she’s affectionately calling you Clark Griswold!

    I’m not sure of the Giants won, last I heard as it was 2 to 2 in the 10th, I’ll need to check the paper.

    Big storm on the east coast, hope everyone is ok. I can’t remember when the subways were all closed in NY.

    Time to run, the oldest guy needs to go to inter-murals in 10 minutes. I almost forgot, Grandma Eleanor also posted via email so let me go find those…here ya go,
    For some time I wanted to say that  Grandpa Bob and Grandma Eleanor  are very proud of Jag and Ty . You are good parents, you give them space to learn, and experience, opportunity to travel.

    and another one,

    L.d.& amp;family:       Faith and trust go together as one, faith is  reassurance that  what you ask for is going to happen, even tho  we do not see it up a head, never of the less , “never give up  on the lord, be patient and firm in your belief ” . In gods own  time , he will do what’s best for you, we must not rush our thinking,sometimes we are our own enemy.patience  takes time , god has given you  strength  to get  through this. ” how else can  I  say it”.    One day in 1969  I was trying to write poetry , I was getting know where and out of the blue I started to write with which poured  forth  to my mind on to paper, I know now!  That the lord had  a message for me to give  to others.

    Thanks for the comments. And in closing, a friend of mine down the street lost his wife yesterday. He sent out an email and I’ll need to call him today, after his main email, he sent this,

    “There have been many star sprinkled nights and so many promises of spring since Jackie and I entwined our lives.  Together we made our plans and built our dreams.  Jackie has left us.  I genuinely believe that Jesus has called her and that she is in his hands.  Her faith was so deep.  In my loneliness, I cannot help but ask, where are the snows of yester year?”
    Dick G
    To my Mom, you know who I’m talking about here, I think the funeral is next Saturday but I’ll be hunting, Life is short, embrace every day and God Bless
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