The weekend is here!

Last night the youngest went with his friend to my high school alma mater’s football game. I was thinking back to what fun our high school football games were and how they were the thing everyone looked forward to all week, every week, during the season when we were kids. His friend’s little sister was a guest cheerleader. (she’s like 5 or so) It was cold so they said they thought they would leave at halftime after her performance. Then, the youngest spent the night at their house. We’ve been invited to go to a halloween party with his parents (our friends) tonight but I’m not sure we’ll go.

Meanwhile the oldest guy’s friend came home with us after school until about 9pm when his parents and older sister picked him up on their way home from the junior high halloween party and auction to benefit the school. They play real well together although the misses and I sometime wonder just what’s going on upstairs. You see they’re at that age where they’re learning lots and lots of things about life. They’re starting to actually talk about girls, as if they like them and so on. Mom is freaking out!

It’s still a little cool today but should be around 45 or so when I’m pheasant hunting this afternoon. I saw my Mom yesterday as she needed a bottle of wine (or two) which I gladly ran up to her. She looks good and is still as sharp as ever. Must be those good German/Wisconsin genes she has.

I did learn that Tasha and her husband and Avi (Tasha’s daughter) will be coming from Hawaii December 19th to the 23rd on the way to St. Louis. My mom said how nice it would be if Aunt Robi could come up so we’ll (Uncle T and I) will have to figure out how to get her up here! So pack your bags Robi, I’l call you soon. It’ll be real nice to have all the kids together with Mom for a few days and then we’ll get rid of her just in time before Christmas so Mom can give more presents to her two favorite kids! ha ha

The misses, once again, did too much yesterday. I had to run to the DOW (Dept of Wildlife) to pick up my hunting tags and then to the distributor and while I was gone the misses was channeling a cleaning company scrubbing the house from top to bottom. Then she wonders why her head and neck hurt, hmmm. Her logic is it hurts less during the day if she’s doing something.

Less than 2 months until Christmas! Uncle T will probably have his lights staged in the garage ready to go up the minute halloween is over. I’ll bet he’s almost done with his shopping too, he’s an early shopper.

Time to run as it’s almost 7 and I need to take my shotgun apart and give it a quick once over before I leave just before noon. Hope everyone is well, take care and have a great weekend.

Note to Gram Annette:  The doggy meds are fine for Lacey. XOXOL

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