Two Elk Fire

About 2 miles south on the hill above us is a small fire of about 25 acres. Looks like they have a handle on it but it’s a little too close to home. I walked Harley up the mountain to check it out last night and it looks like we’ll be fine.

Jag scored the first goal in the soccer game yesterday and almost had another but was tackled which then gave his team mate an easy goal. We won 4 to 0. After the game Jag and his friend Nick and his parents and Lori and I went to Nobu for sushi for dinner. Tom and Jennifer (Nicks parents) are really nice and we had a good time. Meanwhile Ty went to Will’s to hang out with him as it was his dads birthday and they had a party for him. We let him spend the night.

Lori and I are headed to the gym this morning and then we’re not sure what’s going on for the rest of the day. The Rockies need a win today as L.A. won yesterday and we lost and it all comes down to the last game of the season to determine who wins the division.

That’s about it, October 1st tomorrow, have a great day, GB.

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Cool Saturday

Today Jag is off at 8 am to meet his buddy’s for breakfast before soccer at 11. They play two games (I think) so it’ll go until 2 or 3 this afternoon. Tonight there’s a girls volleyball game at Battle Mountain both boys want to go to. We heard through Ty that Jag asked Emaa to go to Homecoming and Ty is still undecided as if he’s asking anyone. It’s next Saturday.

Lori and I might run over to Aspen today. Not sure yet. It’s cool out this morning and nice. She came home from work early yesterday as she’s had a bad stomach since all the girls went to lunch Thursday. Must have been some onions in something. We decided to go to the gym as neither of us had been all week which is unusual for us. We’re stopping workouts with our trainer as he’s just too expensive. We might even switch gyms and go back to the one near our house where all the ski kids workout. It’s way cheaper.

Marty stopped by and picked up his cooler yesterday which has been in my garage since we drove over to Montrose to pick up our elk. It’s huge and was taking up a ton of space! October 1st is Monday, wow! Soon it’ll be Halloween and then non stop until 2019. Tom should be getting out his Christmas stuff any day now. Not sure what we’re doing for Christmas as I think Tom and Ali might be headed to Seattle where her parents are moving. We’ll either stay in Vail or get on a plane to somewhere hopefully warm.

Time to get moving, have a great weekend and God Bless, and go Rockies! (we’re in the playoffs)

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What a shame

Not sure who watched the hearings on tv yesterday but it was a sad commentary on our elected officials and supposed representatives. Any honest observer would agree that the Dems were an embarrassment to the World. In what Country do we live in where now someone is guilty just by an acquisition? Well according to the Dems, this Country. The Republicans treated the woman with respect and went out of their way to accommodate her every wish, even at the detriment of being able to really get to any facts, yet the Dems attacked and attempted to destroy a good man based on some hear say from 36 years ago when he was in High School. The woman was credible and I believe she probably was abused in some fashion when she was 15 years old but I also believe it was not by this man. Yet the Dems, so desperate to keep him off the bench, said and did everything they could to try to stop him, regardless of whether they had to lie. Sad, very sad. As Obama said, elections have consequences.

Jag was at soccer past Rifle until 9:30 and scored in his game! Figures he’d be 120 miles away and we’d miss it. Ty did homework and Lori and I worked as usual. We have more soccer tomorrow and it’s supposed to be a nice Fall weekend. Homecoming is a week from tomorrow and Monday is October 1st, hard to believe. That means there’s like 92 days left in the year. Hope everyone is well, have a good weekend and God Bless.

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It’s a coming

Weather that is, it’s on the way. But right now it’s 7 am and Jag wants to leave in 15 minutes. Lori is back at work and Jag has a soccer game this afternoon in Coal Ridge down by Glenwood Springs. Also today the circus starts on tv surrounding the Supreme Court. We’re watching the sports channel as we have zero interest in participating in the bullshit the dems are pushing to stop someone they don’t want. It’s so sad what some politicians will do all in the name of getting what they want. As Obama said, elections have consequences unless of course your a democrat and you lost, ha.

Lori and I shopped a bit in Denver yesterday and she bought a shirt and a dress. She needs some new winter clothes but we just didn’t find anything. Maybe on the weekend we can find something for her. We picked up Ty a new pair of shoes and a shirt and have a pair of pants being sent for Homecoming. Jag has clothes so he’s all set.

Guess I’ll run so we can get the boys moving. Need to slam our coffee and shower and get out the door. God Bless.

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Throw away your tv!

Ok, turns out almost everything you see on tv, except for sports and movies, has a hidden agenda. Even your favorite sitcoms have political bias weaved into them to push the creators ideals. There’s no telling if anything you see is true or not, yet the majority of our gullible, uneducated society thinks, if it’s on tv, it must be true. You need to understand that this is just not so. Wake the hell up and think for yourself. Propaganda is everywhere and almost everything you see has a purpose to either sell you something or make you think a certain way. Television is fine for entertainment but when it shapes who you are, you’re in big trouble. Turns out Americans watch about 3 times more tv than any other country on the planet. That’s why our Country is fat, lazy and our kids now rank in the 20’s education wise, and that IS true!

Let’s move on to the day. Jag had soccer until 6 last night and does again this evening. Lori is off today and we’re going shopping to get her some new winter clothes. Ty is doing well and I, well I’m trying to close the month. It’s warmer this morning than yesterday and will warm up a bit over the next couple days. There is a dusting of snow on the high peaks and soon it’ll be winter.

it’s 6:21 now so time to get going. Hope everyone is well, keep your powder dry and watch your top knot, GB.

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First frost

Last night, September 24th, was our first frost of the season. The windshields are iced over and the ground is slippery. This is fitting as I think yesterday was also the first day of Fall. Wonder if they’ll be snow on the Pass.

Jagger had his cast removed yesterday and is now in a brace. He also had braces put on his upper teeth in the morning. Homecoming is a week from Saturday so we need to probably go to Denver this weekend to get Ty some clothes. I think both boys are taking dates.

Lori’s doctor leaves today for California for a week of training at some conference. They still have lots of work to do scheduling surgeries. Time to get moving so I can get the boys moving and get Harley to doggie daycare.

Before I go I just have to say how much I am embarrassed for our political leaders, especially on the Democratic side. In this whole Supreme Court thing it now seems, according to the Dems, that you are no longer innocent until proven guilty but rather guilty by accusation. You have Dem Senators throwing this good man under the bus with no proof whatsoever from a couple 0f accusers that themselves say they can’t remember for sure what happened, where it happened, or who was there. Yet Dems are so desperate to stop this Judge from being confirmed that they will say and do anything to stop him. Protests by paid protesters are staged for cameras and lawyers that are Democratic operatives are talking women into saying things, by their own admission, that they don’t recall happening. What a sham this process has become. Good people just won’t run for office as why would anyone subject themselves to this? Mark my words, these Dems will go down in history are embarrassments to their party, themselves and our Country. I honestly can’t believe any Senator would resort to lying to get what they want. It’s a sad sad day for democracy. God Bless and help us.

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Almost October!

I left Vail around 8:30 as I needed to drop Jag at school for his ACT test. He thinks it went well. I made it down a little after 10 and stopped at Target. Then I headed to Tom’s to watch the Bronco game until I had to leave to go get Lori at the airport. Once I had her we headed home and made it back around 4:30. The rest of the day was uneventful but we have a busy morning.

Jag has an orthodontist appointment at 8:30 in Eagle and I need to drop Ty at school by 7:30 and head to the distributor in Denver. A week from today it’s October, wow! Get it together people.

Time to run, take care, GB.

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Lori’s coming home!

Around 5:45 am I was in my truck headed to pick up Marty and a few more coolers. We left his house around 6:10 and headed west. We decided to go over McClure Pass which was beautiful. Finally around 9:15 we pulled in to Montrose. About 40 minutes later, we were loaded down with elk and headed home. This time we decided to go through Grand Junction so we could stop at Cabela’s. Western Colorado in some spots looks like Mars. It’s all barren with weird dirt foothills with absolutely zero vegetation on it anywhere. It’s the one part of the State you wouldn’t want to live in.

We made it to Grand Junction around 11 and went to Cabela’s. Marty bought a spotting scope and some other stuff while I bought a few soft gun cases I needed. While driving there we saw this truck with all kinds of writing on the back. One of the sayings was something like, Suck on it Snowflakes and after seeing this, Marty didn’t know what a “snowflake” was! I told him he needs to get educated and then asked if he was hungry. He said yes and so I said let’s hit Chick Filet. He then said, “what’s that?”. Wow what a sheltered life, he didn’t know what a snowflake was and had never been to Chick Filet! After hitting the drive through we headed home for Vail. A couple hours later we were unloading his elk and I was headed home with mine.

Jag was at soccer all day and I picked him up at 3. Ty was doing homework and then we all ate some leftovers and hung out. I took both dogs up the hill for a walk which is our usual evening routine.

This morning I’ll drop Jag at 8:45 for an ACT Test at school. Then I’m headed down to Denver and will go watch the Bronco game with Tommy until I pick up Lori around 2:30. We’re all excited she’s coming home. As I said yesterday we know she needs to go see her Mom, but we always miss her. That’s about it, the dogs just finished breakfast so time for a walk before I go to the gym. God Bless and Go Broncos!

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Road Trip!

As I said yesterday, we’re off early to go get us some elk! Marty and I have a lot of fun so the drive won’t be too bad. Jag has a soccer game today and Ty has a lot of school work to do. Both boys need to clean their rooms. Wonder if it’ll get done, hmmm.

We hope to be back by 3 at the latest as we might stop at Cabela’s in Grand Junction as we’re both Professional Hunters and we have an appearance scheduled. Hope there aren’t too many fans. Maybe it’ll be like a Neil Diamond concert where women throw their underwear at us! You never know. Only problem is most women that hunt wear pretty big underwear!

Hope Lori is having fun. We all miss her very much. We understand though that she needs to go visit her Mom but we always miss her. That’s about it, time to get on the road, have a great weekend and God Bless.

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Another rushed day

If you’re reading this Saturday morning, this is really Friday’s post. Saturday’s will follow.

I was up at 4 am as I couldn’t sleep. The temperatures had to be in the 20’s last night as I left Ty’s window open and when I woke him, it was cold in his room. By the time we were headed to school, it was 36 degrees out. I dropped the boys at 7:50 and headed down to Denver to meet Tom for some work we had to do. We were done around 10 or so and then I headed back up the hill for home. The rest of the day was spent working on my computer and around the house.

Lori is partying away with her Mom in California. I think she’s having fun, I know Dixie is by just having her there. I’m getting up early to meet Marty Saturday morning at 6 to go to Montrose to pick up our elk. We need to drive about 3 and 1/2 hours each way but you do what you have to do. Have a great day, GB.


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