Warming up, a little

Things are frosty or frozen outside, but it’s supposed to warm up. Early this morning I’m off to the big city to pick up Jagger’s suit, try to get the program sorted out and then meet with the church at noon. I need to be back up to get the boys from school so lots to do. I also need to have a photo enlarged so we have something for the service. Every time I turn around there’s something else to do. I wrote a little welcome speech but am not sure if I can get through it. I figure if I’m having trouble here at home, I’ll probably have a lot of trouble at the service, ha. I’ll get through it somehow as it is what it is and you do what you have to do.

Grandma Dixie who was at the doctor yesterday received a call from the doctors office last night telling her that her x-rays showed she had a aortic aneurysm in her heart and to immediately call 911! So she did and was at the hospital until about midnight when they finally sent her home as the CT scan thankfully showed she was clear, phew. That would be no good!

On top of things, our internet and phones were out all morning until 3 pm yesterday which meant I could not do anything! I was completely off the grid so I decided to just go to the gym. Our house is a mess as we just have too much stuff everywhere.

Tom Petty died last night after a heart attack! He just finished up a tour last week and was 66 years old, what a shame. It’s almost 6:30 so I’d better get moving. Tasha arrives today and Robin and Robert tomorrow. We’re headed down early Thursday morning and will drive back up that night. Lori has her mandatory training on a new system this Saturday and Sunday so she won’t be getting any kind of break. We both still need just one night of sleep uninterrupted. Not sure when that’ll happen, God Bless.

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Good morning, we have snow. Right now there’s a bit on the deck and the railings but not a lot on the ground. Up a few thousand feet, it’s much different. Vail Pass is closed as is most of Interstate 70 starting at Georgetown all the way to Vail. This started last night after the game. We didn’t have any problem coming home but an hour or so after we made it through, the road was closed. It’s a wet heavy snow which is the worse kind for the roads.

Most of the night was spent working with Kristin on the video of my Mom. To be fair, she did all the work while we just answered questions. It’s so sad but so enjoyable to watch. I must have watched it over and over about a dozen times. Kristin, bless her heart, is still working on it for us trying to tweak it here and there to make it the best possible. Mom was truly like Audrey Hepburn or Princess Grace, just not as well known. I’m excited for everyone to see it as in many ways, it tells a story of her life without words. You get a good sense of just who she was through pictures. Kristin did a remarkable job of putting this together for us and it will mean a lot to everyone this coming Thursday. Today I need to write and get printed some sort of program or hand out which I haven’t even started, ugh. Tomorrow I’ll meet with the church to make sure everything is set up. Hope it all goes well this week and is worthy of who Mom was.

On a national level, there was a shooting in Las Vegas at a country music concert where a gunman killed 50 people! Not sure of the motive and we pray for the victims and their families. Be ready as now the media will sensationalize this and not let it go for weeks to come. Then the politicians will jump in and grandstand to push their agendas on both sides and on it will go, over and over and over. Our society and World today is a mess. This is awful and should not happen, anywhere, but people are messed up and despondent with their lives these days. Social media, politics, tv, everything contributes. God Bless everyone there. I need to call Allan and Ally, our friends who live in Las Vegas today to make sure they’re ok. They’re not really country music fans so we’re hoping they were not there. I’m sure we won’t be hearing about much else for days if not weeks.

Both boys are still sleeping while Lori and I are having our morning coffee with Mojo. Lori had a good trip with her Mom and I think they settled on a few caregivers. We’re glad she’s home safe as with things going on like what I just mentioned, you never know today when some nut will just go off. I guess I’ll run so I can start writing the program. Here’s Mom looking so elegant with her Jaguar many years ago. Hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Lori’s coming home!

Yea! Today around 11 am Lori is landing in Denver. Hopefully she and her Mom accomplished what they needed to get done. It’s 6:15 now and I just came down to a puddle of pee from Mojo. Not sure what happened as we always take him out before bed. The bummer is it soaked up into our curtains which I now have in the garage. Sometime our pets can really test us!

The boys and I made it to Denver around 8:45. We stopped at Grandma’s and I found a few more photos to send to Kristin. This is turning into a huge job with her bringing in an editor yesterday and someone else today, I really owe her big time!

Today is the Bronco Raider game which should be good. Back to yesterday, we returned Jag’s ill fitted suit and headed over to Neiman Marcus where we found one that actually fit him for about $1000! Clothes just are not cheap these days. Then it was a mad rush down to Nordstrom’s for dress shoes for Ty. After that, some new sneakers for him at another store and then lunch at Elways. Next up was stopping by my Mom’s to see Tom and Ali and then we headed up the hill arriving home about 3:30. I think I’ve drove to Denver everyday in a row for what seems like a month. I’m excited for the video montage as I selected about 60 pictures that will play in a loop. Only thing is they’ll run to two tear jerker songs. I hope it makes people happy and not super sad. How about the photo up top which is about the only one I’ve seen without Mom in her signature bee hive hair doo! This is like the early 60’s! What fun.

Tomorrow I have to print the program which means I have to first write it today! The Colorado Rockies are in the playoffs! Don’t want to forget to mention that as it’s historic. Hopefully we’ll beat Arizona this coming Wednesday. Once this is all over, we sure could use a trip to, oh I don’t know, Hawaii? Time to run people, have a great day and Go Broncos and God Bless!

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3 weeks out

I was texting with Robi last night that even though it’s been 3 weeks since Mom passed, it hasn’t got much better. In fact, in some ways, for me, it’s worse. Some of that may be due to the fact that I spent most of yesterday finding, taking and sending pictures to Kristin and deciding which songs to pair up with which pictures for the service. A few of them, especially the ones of Mom and me, finally got to me a bit. Oh well, still lots to do.

It’s 5:33 am now and I need to get the boys moving in a few so we can get down to Denver, do our shopping, and head back up the hill. First though, we’ll stop at Mom’s or Grandma’s, and try to find a few more pictures. In some ways, going through the old pictures and letters has given me a whole new perspective of just who my Mom was. She was not just a Mom, Grandma, mother in law or good friend, but a really neat gal (who says “gal” anymore, ha), that lived a great, meaningful life. In some ways, I’m more at peace as I’ve remembered she really did have fun and enjoy her life. When you think of your Mom, you think of her as a Mom, yet the pictures tell a story of a fun person who lived her life with a positive attitude and was kind to everyone. I’m so glad I’ve been finding all these and that she saved just about everything. I even found my Junior High School Year Books yesterday!

Lori’s busy with her Mom helping her interview care givers to help out until we can move her out here to Denver. The latest is that she will come here and move into an assisted living place. I personally think that’s best as then she and we can see each other often. One thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks is that family really IS the most important thing. Things and money are important to have to live a basic life, but it will not bring you peace and contentment. Sadly most people don’t realize this. We are fortunate enough to make a pretty good living compared to most people. But with more income, comes more bills, more taxes and more headaches. Of course if you don’t make a good income, you won’t believe this. Trust me, we all still have cash flow issues and live paycheck to paycheck from time to time. I don’t want to get sidetracked as my point here is that family and loving each other, must come first!

I guess I’ll get moving as it’s almost 6 am and we need to get moving. A special thanks to Kristin, Lori’s “sister” who is going to work today, on a Saturday, to put together the video montage for the service. I don’t know what I’d do with out her. I so want to share the images and sense of who Mom was with everyone and this can only be done by sharing the pictures of her. Thanks Kristin.

Time to go, have a great last day of September and God Bless you all.

(Ali, love your hair in the background, circa 1990??)

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Boys night

Lori and I made it to the airport on time for her flight, and then it was late anyhow. I was back home by about 1:30 and cleaned up and worked a bit until 3:30 when it was time to go get Ty. We then rushed to get Jag who stayed late for a make up test and then rushed down to the dentist for Ty to get some impressions made for a new retainer. While there, I found out I had a $492 bill for his previous work, super.

Jag and I were headed to the gym this morning but just decided we’d go after school. Wish I would have known that before I woke up at 5:15! Ty wants to go but I think I’ll wait until we get clearance from his doctor on his wrist. I have a lot to do for Mom’s service. Kristin (Lori’s sister) sent me the music files last night which I was listening to a few minutes ago. I had to stop though as they made me too sad, ugh, this is not going to be easy. Can’t we just play The Rolling Stones or something?

Ty worked all night on a Newton’s Law project for science and Jag was studying for a Algebra II / Trig test which he has 100% in! I just saw on the news that being happy by even listening to a happy song before getting a flu shot, makes the flu shot more effective. I think I’ll try to get us boys flu shots today after school, Lori gets hers next week.

I need to find a bunch of pictures of Mom as I’m going to try to put together a video montage for the service. Of course I don’t know how to do this myself but after seeing how quickly Kristin sent the music, I think I’ll ask her! After all, that’s what she does for a living. I need to email the church today and still have to write the freaking program. I looked through a lot of old stuff last night of Mom’s and found some fun stuff. I want to make sure the service is befitting of how special she was, not only to us, but to the Universe. Sadly, there’s no way I can make it good enough. Guess I’ll go, lots to do and it’a almost 6 am. Normally I’d wake Lori about now so I’m not sure what to do, maybe I’ll clean the kitchen. Take care and God Bless.

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So tired………….

That about says it all, we’re tired. We’re leaving early this morning so we need to get moving. I think Lori is interviewing about 8 care givers for Dixie. I guess now she wants to stay in her house and is not coming to Colorado. Maybe this will change or maybe I’m wrong as I’m not quite up to speed. Whatever she does, it should be what she wants.

Jag tried on his suit last night and of course, it’s too small. Why can’t anyone do anything right the first time these days. We’ll now have to run to Denver Saturday and try to find someone that can either tailor a suit or coat or go buy a new one and have that tailored. I hope this store doesn’t give us any problem with this one not fitting. This means Mojo will need to go to doggie daycare as we can’t leave him all alone for the day.

I have so much to do for the service next week. I haven’t started to write the program yet and once written, need to get it printed too. I think it’s snowing on the pass and is raining in Denver. Nevertheless, that’s where we’re headed this morning as Lori needs to get to the airport by about 10:15 at the latest. Hope there’s no weather or road delays.

We had take out again last night which has sort of become the new norm. I’ve just been too busy and tired to cook although I’ve have a few times in the past week. Tonight Green Bay plays Chicago, I’m sure my Mom will be watching. Speaking of Mom, I still find a couple moments each day when I think to myself, I’d better call Mom to tell her what just happened. Then of course I realize I can’t do that, so I just talk to her instead without having to pick up the phone! It’s now 6 am so I’d better get moving. Lori is already out of the shower and we need to get the boys up. I also need to feed Mojo and walk him up the hill, so, time to go. Have a great day, take care, be safe and God Bless, and Go Packers!

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Here we go

Starting this morning, we begin our 5 day whirlwind of travel, sports, work, school and other commitments that will give us little to no break between now and next Sunday night.

I have a dentist appointment this morning and Lori has a huge day of work as she’s out the next two days. Ty has a bunch of work due today that should have him caught up from the 4th Grade camping trip. Jag has more work too and a test tomorrow. He has a free day today and will work from home. He puts so much pressure on himself to get nothing but straight A’s, that it’s borderline unhealthy. We’re trying to find some balance for him but he’s determined to make up a months worth of work in less than two weeks while doing his regular work too, and this is while he’s in Advanced Placement classes, which by the way, he has 100% in. Meanwhile I need to bring in about $500,000 worth of orders by Friday. So, you can see, we’re a little busy. Throw in Lori’s top nurse being out for a week or two for her husbands surgery (pretty bad one, say a prayer) and her being gone, and her doctor and his wife and freaking out and putting a lot of pressure on Lori. She’s already received a 3 page email this morning! Dixie just needs to move to Denver as if Lori has surgery, which she needs, she won’t be traveling much, or at all, for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow I’m driving Lori to the airport for her trip to Sacramento and on Friday I think Jag goes to Durango for a tennis tournament until Saturday and then on Sunday, we’ll all drive down to pick up Lori and then go to the football game.

Yesterday Tom and I met with the Pastor who will handle Mom’s service. I have a lot to do, such as writing and printing the program for the service, ordering flowers, and more. There’s a lot to do to pull off a good service but as my Mom and I always said, you do what you have to do. I also need a haircut and need to get Ty some clothes for next week. I did pick up Jag’s suit yesterday and bought him some cool new Frye boots. They’re a cross between causal and dress boots and he loves them. I was texting him pictures from the store in Denver yesterday. Frye boots were all we wore in the 70’s and they’re making a comeback.

I talked with Robin yesterday and we talked about writing a message from the family and putting it in the program so there’s no pressure on anyone to get up and speak. I started this last night, but it too isn’t as simple as it sounds. I’ll get it done though.  Here’s another great picture from when we were young, I love these! Have a great day and God Bless.

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One more time

This morning I’m back to Denver to meet the Pastor and then drop the truck for some work. I hope to be back up by 3 to get the boys. I have a few errands to do but would rather stay home. Tomorrow I’m here and then Thursday I’ll be headed back to Denver to take Lori to the airport.

Lots of drama at Lori’s office as she’ll be gone when her top nurse is also gone as her husband is having surgery in Denver. Dr. C’s wife is freaking out with both of them gone and now wants to be trained to come in and work to cover in case Lori or her nurse are gone again, which no one wants. Even Dr. C doesn’t want this but she’s on a mission. Lori and her nurse would probably both quit if this happened. I think the clinic told her she can’t do this until she goes through some procedures but we’ll see.

Both boys are doing well. It’s 5:47 now and I need to get dinner in the Crockpot and get ready to go. Hope everyone is well, take care and GB. Hope to have some new pictures tomorrow!

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24 Degrees

That’s right, 24 degrees this morning but that didn’t stop Jag and I from getting to the gym by 6 am. Lori would have gone but she has a 7 am meeting. The boys and I love the cold weather and can’t wait for snow but Lori, well, that’s a different story. Looks like we’ll have to schedule a Hawaii trip earlier than normal this year, ha.

The Rockies won and the Broncos lost. There was a bullshit call on us when our top player, Von Miller, extended his hand to help another guy up and then pulled his hand away. Both he and the other player were laughing but then the ref threw a flag for unsportsmanlike behavior! What the F? Neither player could believe it and neither could the announcers on tv! This penalty cost us the game. Now to be fair, we would have had to go down and score but this flag didn’t give us the chance and handed them the game. As Tom said, the refs should have to talk to the media after the game, unbelievable.

This morning I’m headed to Denver to wrap up a few details and will go back down tomorrow to meet with the Pastor for the service. Hopefully I’ll be back up by noon. I walked Mojo up the hill hoping he’d do his business but no such luck. I guess I’ll try again before we leave in about 40 minutes.

Time to run, here’s a good picture of Mom and Dad. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Ok, on our one day to sleep in, it just wasn’t in the stars. It started last night at 1:30 with Ty calling my phone from his room, (not sure why he didn’t just walk into our room) to let us know something was wrong. As soon as I awoke, I smelled it, diarrhea!

Turns out Mojo had bad diarrhea in our room all over the carpet and downstairs in the living room. Doing what you have to do, we both jumped out of bed and began cleaning. I took the downstairs and Lori took the bedroom. About 30 minutes later we had it cleaned up but the stench remained and is still with us at 7:30 this morning. I’ve called the carpet cleaners who know us well, but they haven’t called back yet. We slept with our windows and Ty’s open along with both doors creating a cross wind to try to get some fresh air in the house. Downstairs, we left the sliding glass door open. Needless to say, it’s pretty darn cold in the house right now as it froze outside last night meaning the temperatures were below 32 degrees, I think in the high 20’s. So (ha), another night, and on the weekend, that we didn’t get to sleep in.

Yesterday Jag and I went to Denver to get him some new shoes, a suit and a few other things like 2 sweaters and a shirt and some socks. It took us most of the day as we made it home around 4. We also managed to get him a much needed haircut as Phoebe told us to come right over when I called. Ty wanted to go to the movies last night with his friends to see the new Kingsmen movie. I ran him to town about 6:30 and dropped him off only to get a call 5 minutes later from him telling me they wouldn’t let them in because they weren’t 17 years old. Turns out it was rated R, bummer.

The Broncos play this morning and so does Green Bay. I can imagine my Mom watching with Dad cheering on her team. Hope both teams win. It’s a busy week coming up with me in Denver Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and next Sunday. Lori is in Sacramento Thursday to Sunday. Guess I’ll run as we’re just sitting here in coats and sweaters waiting for the carpet cleaners to call, ugh. Maybe we’ll get some sleep the weekend of October 14th as next weekend we’re busy and the following weekend (October 7 and 8), Lori has mandatory training at the hospital on a new system wide program.

Here’s a picture of Jag (no, he’s not smoking or vaping) after eating some snacks with liquid nitrogen and our first snowfall of the season on the slopes yesterday afternoon. Have a great day, take care and God Bless.

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