Happy Birthday!

Today is my wife’s, the boys Mom, the family matriarch, the good looking one, the best daughter, the best friend, (I could go on, ha) birthday. She’s 55 years young today. I saw an ad the other day of a woman who was 54 modeling lingerie and everyone was applauding her for doing so. I got to tell ya, Lori looks ten times better!

This morning we’re dropping Jag for his SAT test at 7:45 and then we’re off to Denver. Not sure if Ty is coming with us or not. Jag is going to Emma’s after the test I think. Not sure when we’ll get back, sometime late this afternoon or this evening. Lori is getting her hair done at noon in Denver today.

We went and checked out the placement of the house yesterday as it’s staked out for the bulldozers. It looks good and the views appear to be what we thought they’d be. We should break ground week after next. Lots to do coming up.

It’s sunny outside and going to be in the 70’s today. Not sure if Ty is coming with us or not. Jag needs to leave in 43 minutes so time to get him moving. He was at a birthday party last night until a bit after 10. We picked Ty up from lacrosse in Steamboat about the same time. Speaking of time, time to get moving. Have a great day and Happy Birthday Lori and God Bless.

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Sales meeting

Today at 11:40 I have my slot at the sales meeting at the distributor. I’ll hopefully get out of here by 9 and be back around 2. It’s nice out and Ty is off to lacrosse in Steamboat around noon or 1 this afternoon. Jag is skipping it to continue to study for his AP test Monday am and going to a birthday party after school. Lori is working away as usual.

I’m headed to the gym at 7 and will be home by 8. Harley is going to a birthday party tonight and will stay until Sunday and Mojo is going to get groomed and will come home tomorrow or Sunday am. This afternoon at 4 we’re meeting our builder at the home site to review the stakes of the positioning of the house before they start to dig up dirt. This means it’s finally happening, the official start of construction is about to begin! On that note, have a great day and weekend, God Bless.

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That it?

We think the snow is done, or at least we hope so. It’s cool this morning but sunny. Lots going on. Jag is studying away going in early and staying late for study sessions. In their AP classes they go to the college to take the exams. The first one is on Monday. I’m sure he’ll do well. Ty has a history exam after school he’s taking early so he can play lacrosse in Steamboat tomorrow. so again, lots going on.

We had a girl rob a bank in Edwards yesterday right when I was leaving the dentist. Not sure if they caught her or not but I’m sure they will. Wow!

Dr. C. is in France for 3 weeks but Lori still has a lot of work to do. I’m off to Denver today and tomorrow so no time to dally. Have a great day, take care and God Bless.

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May 1st

It’s May Day and we have snow on the ground. Not a lot, just a dusting to make everything white. There’s nothing on the roads which is good. The boys need to be at school at 7:30, Lori at the gym by 7 and me at the dentist by 8. On Saturday Lori and I are going to Denver while Jag takes the SAT and Ty does, well, does what Ty does.

I need to run back over to the Carbondale Aspen area sometime soon. Maybe I can put it off until next week. Lori has lots going on at work as she had two girls out yesterday. Greg, who works for me, is here as Kristin had her third surgery yesterday. You might remember she was run into by a snowboarder about a year and a half ago just getting off the lift! Bad luck.

I think I’m traveling next week or the week after. Not sure yet, probably Florida, as there’s lots going on with our new partnership with the Germans. May is a critical month for our next steps.

Lori’s birthday is Saturday! Hope you all sent presents. She’s partial to diamonds and gold, just so you know. She even likes used jewelry! Ha!

Time to go, have a good day, God Bless.

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Fake news?

In the spirit of not being fake news, and just so we can look back one day and read this, not all is always perfect. Last night both boys had fits and were pissed off at us for calling them out on everything from school to spending money that they don’t have. Sometimes we complain or bitch about their total lack of cleaning anything around the house but that wasn’t the case last night. Yes they’re good boys but they do little to nothing around the house. Yes they don’t vape or do drugs, but they often act entitled and expect things they don’t earn. Yes, they’re super respectful and nice in public but at home can have mouths like a truck driver. So there, just a little insight to when things aren’t perfect around here as we want to be fair and balanced.

As for Lori, she and I disagree often about how to discipline the boys. I think she usually gives in to them and she thinks I have terrible timing on when to bring things up, which I do. Anyhow those two little (or big) shits can ruin a morning or evening within a matter of seconds. Each morning starts with us having to get up, feed both dogs, usually pick up dog crap and then walk them, all before making coffee. Then it’s the mighty struggle to wake the boys. They could sleep through World War III if we let them. It seems every morning we’re rushing to get out the door and we’re usually late. Throw in the mess that the boys, (they both do it) leave all over the kitchen from coming down or up in the middle of the night to eat, and mornings are not the most fun. So there’s a glimpse into reality in around here just to be fair.

Now to some good news, we did close on our construction loan yesterday. We had the notary come meet us at Lori’s work and signed in a matter of 20 minutes or so. Today all permits will be filed and we should be breaking ground in about 10 days if not before. We’re super excited as this will be a huge and hopefully fun project. It’s been a lot of work so far and as I told Lori, it’s going to go fast and we’ll have to make a lot of decisions quickly to stay on track. We did find out we have a $10,000 to $15,000 assessment on our town home to fix the roofs as the Association doesn’t have the money, nice. Anyhow we can’t do anything about it so it is what it is.

Time to help Lori get the boys moving as it’s 6:45. We had a little dusting of snow last night, less than an inch and it didn’t stick to the pavement. It’ll be gone by tomorrow. Have a great day and God Bless.

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No snow yet. Might get a little today but we’re not expecting much. Up a few thousand feet it’s a different story. Gotta love Springtime in the Rockies.

Both boys are still sleeping and we need to get them moving as Lori and I are signing the construction loan this morning at 10. With two days left in the month I need about another $300K in orders. I’ll be busy for the next 48 hours.

Jag has a big week as he has his AP (3 of them) tests coming up soon and the SAT this Saturday on Lori’s birthday. The boys are supposed to go to Boulder tomorrow for lacrosse but will need to skip it with all the tests coming up. Friday is the last game in Steamboat and they can go to that one.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless.

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More rain

Looks like we’ll get some rain on and off for the next 3 days. Better than snow! Some say there will be about a foot of snow on the passes. That’s a lot for the end of April but this is the second snowiest month for us.

Jag went to the school garage sale yesterday to volunteer. When I picked him up all the Mom’s were raving about him and how helpful he was. We know what good kids the boys are but it’s always good to hear it from others. A few hours later Lori dropped him at Emma’s where they hung out all day and night. Meanwhile Ty was in town. Today he has an assessment test at 9 for school. Jag has the SAT next week.

The Nuggets and the Rockies both won last night so it was a good sports day. The democrats are going crazy here passing all kinds of laws the people voted against less than 6 months ago but they seem to think they know better now that they are in power. You have to wait six months before you can recall and elected official but there’s already a bunch of groups targeting everyone from the Governor to others. Trump is going to send migrants to sanctuary cities. This is great as those politicians are the ones who voted to let them in so they can have them. Problem is now those same politicians who said to let these people in now don’t want them in their district or home towns. Hmmm, seems a little hypocritical. No wait, it’s really hypocritical! Guess it’s ok to let illegals in as long as they don’t live where the democrats live. Losers, vote them all out.

Oh well I shouldn’t be surprised, politicians never do what they say they’ll do and always want themselves exempt from any law they pass whether it’s health care or gun laws. They just want to pass laws for us peasants.

Time to go as I have lots to do. Have a great day and GB.

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Sunny Saturday

Last night both boys went to see End Game which is the name of the new Avengers movie. One finished up in town at 9:50 and the other in Edwards at 11 pm. So good old dad drove to both theaters and picked them up. I guess it was really good.

It rained hard last night from about 5 until 10. They say snow in Denver Monday, really? May 1st is Wednesday. Looks like we’re finally closing on our loan on Monday morning at 10 am. This is a big deal and a long time coming, well over a year now. Our builder still thinks we should be done by Christmas which is hard to believe but we’ve known him and his family for over 15 years so it’s not like some guy just telling us what we want to hear, we hope!

On the house, things are going to start moving fast with us needing to pick everything from light fixtures to bathroom faucets to floors, paint, siding, doors, tile, and just about anything else you could imagine. I already went through the appliance quote and paired that down from over $50K to about $36K. Our goal is to save and cut corners in the right places. We are splurging in a few areas like heated floors in the bathrooms and I have a vault being built in the basement that’ll be like a bank vault! Looks like 3 fireplaces and a long rally cool fire pit outside. Next Friday we go see the house corners staked out and it’s our last chance to change the position of the house.

Here’s a cell phone picture from my computer file of the architects rendering to give you an idea. There’s a lot of reclaimed wood, steel and stone. This is an older picture as the chimney is now all steel. There’s a few other changes too but this is the general shape.

The backside of the house is the nicest as it’s designed for spending a lot of time outside. Everything from positioning the house correctly to get sun and not get sun, is important. The inside is really cool too, especially the Master Suite, our walk in closet, which is basically a big room, and the shower and bathrooms. That’s right, there’s his and hers bathrooms. Our end of the house is really its own wing.

The kitchen and the living room is really cool too. We’re putting in a wood fired pizza oven so you can actually have a wood fire going in the kitchen where you can cook just about anything. I ordered a commercial oven like you’d find in a restaurant and they actually aren’t that expensive, only about $5000. So the next step of the journey begins. This should (we hope) be the fun part. Everything up to now has been a lot of banking and accounting work. The design part was fun but now seeing it come together should be better.

We’ve actually been working on this for years. We started looking at lots before we even moved up here and bought a lot 3 years ago that we then sold 2 years ago, (and thankfully made money on) before we bought our current lot last May. This one has much better views and sun exposure. We didn’t know how to really choose the right lot when we bought our first one.

That’s it, time to get to the gym. We’ll have lots of room for people to come visit so make your plans now as we’re booking up fast! Have a good weekend, God Bless.

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A long day

Yesterday was a busy day but it seemed like it took forever for 6 pm to arrive. Right about 5:20 Lori called and let me know that I needed to run Ty’s lacrosse shorts to him at school. Of course this was about 15 minutes before the draft began. Reluctantly I grabbed them and headed to school. Of course when I arrived he had already borrowed some and didn’t need them, ha. Once there I had to stay and watch the game so Tommy texted me updates. I did make it home a few picks before we were picking. Then of course, we traded out of our spot and moved down, ha. So another hour or more would pass until we picked. Tonight at 5 it starts again.

Both boys are going to separate theaters tonight to see The Avengers. I guess it’s the new hot movie that is doing really well. Ty should be home around 9 and Jagger at 11.

I went to Carbondale and Basalt up by Aspen yesterday for work and was back at 2:30. Today I have a few things to do around here. Lori made salmon on the grill last night after I made chicken and the oil from the fish started on fire. I had to douse it with water and the heat from the fire burned my wrist. It’ll be a mess to clean up today.

Time to go, have a great day and God Bless.

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It’s here! The Draft!

Ok, only Tom and I probably care about this but today at 5 pm our time is the NFL Draft. For us it’s the official start of the football season. Should be a fun time for the next three days.

Yesterday I made it down and up in good time while Lori hung out at home. Today she has a deposition after work meaning she’ll get home around 7. The boys have lacrosse but Ty might be sitting out due to the hit he took the other night. Not sure if Jag is going to play or not as he’s in full on study mode.

It rained last night and is getting warm up here. I think it’ll be in the 70’s this weekend. We’re still waiting to close on our construction loan as the company had a computer glitch and extended our lock for 7 days at no charge. I think now we close on Tuesday, ugh.

That’s about it, time to get moving. Lori is making some good smelling espresso this morning. Have a great day and God Bless.

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