The Eagle (Aleks) Has Landed

Yesterday, Aleks, Kristin and her boyfriend Tommy, landed from Oahu at 10am. We hooked up with them for dinner at one of the most spectacular restaurants there is. Merriman’s is right on the water and the food is really really good. Ty decided to stay home but Jag came along. There were six of us total and we had a great time. Aleks, my long time friend and uber cool winemaker from Slovenia, ordered the wine. When they served it, they asked if everyone was having wine to which the table said yes, and unbeknownst to us at the time, they poured Jagger wine too! So, going with the flow, we let him sip on it as he does when we’re in Europe and he was one of the adults for the evening. Lori had the scallops while Jag and I both had Lobster enchiladas which was incredible. Throw in some great appetizers and salads and desserts (Jag ate one and took one to go!) and over $1000 later we were headed home. The bill was big as like I said, Aleks ordered the wine and they tack on an automatic 20% tip for parties of six or more. Thankfully the EU (European Union) will reimburse us for dinner as a marketing expense for Aleks being here.

Today the wine festival starts. I woke up at 4:40am for a 5am (8am Pacific time) conference call. Tonight we have another dinner at Star Noodle, the great place we ate the other night. Up first is an industry event from noon until 4pm. Time to go for my morning walk with Lori. Have a great day and GB.

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Fun on the water

We made it to the marina by about 6:30. My buddy Jeff, who I’ve known for almost 40 years, met us there 15 minutes later. He came along fishing with Jag and I. The boat pulled out around 7:15am with the three of us and a young couple who were just married and another couple and their 12 year old adopted son. (we could tell he was adopted as he was Chinese). In about 45 minutes we were out a ways in the ocean all rigging up our lines getting ready to drop them to the bottom and then crank the reels up 3 times. Jag caught the first fish and ended up catching the most which was great. It was hot and a little choppy. We cruised around from spot to spot and all caught our limit. Below is a picture of some of our fish. These are a type of Snapper and they sure were good eating as we had them for dinner. Meanwhile Lori and Ty went stand up paddle boarding in the ocean. They also took a long walk along the beach. We were home by 12:30 in the afternoon and were a bit tired. But alas, we were off to the beach. After the beach, we lounged around, answered a bunch of emails, (Lori and I never get a vacation!) and took it easy. Today we’re off to Black Rock where the boys climb a rock and jump into the ocean, they love doing it.


Aleks and Kristin also arrive this morning and I have a meeting this afternoon and then we all go to probably the best restaurant on the island, Merriman’s, tonight for dinner. That’s it, more to come, hope all’s well, GB

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It’s 5am and this morning Jag and I are going fishing. My buddy Jeff is going with us so I don’t have a lot of time to write. Yesterday we hit some beaches and were taking the boys parasailing where you’re hooked up to a parachute and pulled behind a boat. After a couple hour wait though, they had to cancel us as the wind was too strong. The boys did get some good beach time though. We should be back by noon or so at the latest. Lori and Ty are going to go rent a sea kayak while we’re gone. Time to run, hope all’s well, GB.

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Off to Hana

Lori was up a bit before 5am and I about 30 minutes later so we both could get some work done with it being Monday. Yes we are in Hawaii, supposedly on vacation, but our jobs don’t stop and people needing us don’t care. This means each morning we’ll be getting up early and working on our computers and phones.

It’s now 8:45 am and we hope to be in the car in 15 minutes on our way to Hana. Yesterday we drove Up Country (as they say) to Makawao and then further up to Kula. Lori met a nice lady named Lori, who owns a shop in Makawao who drew us a map on where to go. In Makawao, wild chickens, including babies, roam the streets and go in and out of restaurants and shops at their pleasure. Up the road was Kula, a great little local town where Oprah bought 30 acres and is often seen walking her dogs. There’s lots of little farms with great veggies and fruit and we stopped at one for flowers, strawberries, mountain apples (which look like little pears), banana’s (really small ones), avocado’s and more. After we made it back around 1 in the afternoon, it was back to the beach for some snorkeling and sun. Finally after 2 hours in the sun (you have to pace yourself) we showered for like the 3rd or 4th time, and headed into Lahaina where both boys got henna tattoos. That was about it for the day.

Time to go, everyone is about ready and we’re taking our towels and wearing swim suits. While we all brought long pants, none have seen the light of day since we arrived. More to come, the weather is great and Lori is loving the humidity. Talk to everyone tomorrow, GB.

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We’ve been here about 40 hours but it seems like days. Yesterday we hit two beaches, one of our favorite restaurants (and most of Maui’s locals and tourists too), Star Noodle, picked up the boys some snorkel gear and had king crab salads for dinner at our little home. This morning I think we’re headed up country to either the volcano or a waterfall. It’s 5:48 am now and we hope to be out the door by 7:30. I stopped by the Ritz as one of the valets, took home our boogie boards from when we were here in February and stored them in his garage. You might remember he also loaned the boys some surf boards.

It’s pretty here and your skin feels like it’s covered in coconut lotion all the time due to the humidity. Lori’s headache is nonexistent and when I asked her about it, she said when she’s home, one side is caused by Diana and the other side is caused by Sarah, which are her two high maintanence nurses. Time for another cup of coffee, sad about London, things will happen here, be ready, watch your back, especially when in crowded places, and be safe. I hate to stereotype, but I do take a second look at anyone who looks suspicious from another country or culture. Sad that you have to do that nowadays. God Bless.

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We’re here

Finally at 11am Hawaii time, we touched down in Kahului on Maui. We didn’t check any bags, (remarkable) so we went straight to the rental car bus for the 2 minute ride to our Chevy Tahoe. Two minutes later, since we just jump in our car as I’m a Preferred Member meaning we don’t go inside or stand in line, we were at Costco. This Costco was one of the busiest I’ve ever seen! Being in Hawaii, they had lots of fresh fish and tropical fruits you don’t find back home. One sushi tray that was $20 had what would have been $100 or more of tuna in it back home. $365 later we were out the door and headed towards Lahaina to Walgreens. Lori had forgot a prescription at home so she had it called in here while we were flying.

The one thing here you have to get used to is what they call Island Time. No one, and I mean no one, is in a hurry to do anything. They drive slow, shop slow and even the Starbucks drive through took 10 minutes. I’ll get used to it but on the first day trying to get to our home away from home, it was frustrating to say the least.

20 minutes later we pulled up to our villa. We’re sitting on a hill overlooking the golf course with the ocean a few blocks away in the distance. They have these large trees here that look like giant evergreen trees in the mountains of Colorado but are different. Birds are chirping everywhere which is nice.

First up we unpacked and then headed straight for the pool for 30 minutes of sun and fun. Then after what seemed like 2 hours to take showers, we were off to Lahaina for a quick bite to eat and more groceries. We went to bed around 8pm as that was midnight at home. It’s almost 6am here and we’re sitting on one of our two patios watching the pink sunrise over the ocean. Quite the change from Colorado.

Not sure what we’re doing today as we’re taking things as they come. I’m sure we’ll be in the ocean at some point. I think deep sea fishing, parasailing (where they pull you behind a boat while you wear a parachute that takes you high up in the sky, and other activities are all in store. Lori just brought coffee out so time to run. Here’s a picture of the morning on Maui!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to what would have been like my Mom and Dad’s 100th anniverary or something!


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On board

It’s 6:15am and we’re all on board and in the air. In about 2 hours we’ll be in San Francisco and then board for the flight to Maui. We should land around 11am Hawaii time which is like 3 in the afternoon back home. Lori had a long day at work and didn’t make it home until almost 7pm. 45 minutes later we were in the car headed for the hotel by the airport and about 5 hours of sleep before waking this morning. Everyone is tired but that’ll fade once we land in Maui. First up will be a stop at Costco for some food and supplies for the 9 days we’ll be in paradise. Thankfully it’s close to the airport. I was bumped up to First Class and offered it to Lori but she told me to go ahead and take it for the leg room. Both boys were lobbying hard for the coveted seat.

We should get to our villa and be settled in by about 2pm. We’ll probably send the boys straight to the pool while we get things set up and organized. I need to check some emails and do some work so time to run. Have a great weekend and we’ll be thinking of you all, or maybe not, as the boys have our schedule pretty full, ha. God Bless

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June 1st

Hard to believe it’s June 1st. Tonight after Lori finishes work, we’ll head down to Denver for our flight tomorrow. I have a lot to do today to get ready. Yesterday was a whirlwind in itself. At work, it always comes down to the last day of the month and yesterday was no different. The last $300,000 worth of orders I needed for May, I managed to get in, finally at 5pm. It’s never easy. Both boys laid their clothes out yesterday but I need to go through them to make sure they (we) have everything. We have a tight connection in San Francisco so we’ll take 3 carry on bags and check one. Our villa has a washer and dryer so we don’t need to over pack. We’re all rushed and not really ready to go but with this being a partial work trip and most of the expenses covered by the Company, we’re taking advantage of it. Plus Dr. C is off to Europe on a cruise so that’s when Lori can be gone. Once we get there, I’m sure we’ll all get in the groove and relax a bit. I know I will.

Last night, of course, Lori had a sore throat. I had a Z Pak I gave her at 10pm but she was up until 2am worrying about work and other things beyond her control. Finally she went to sleep so I’m trying to let her sleep as late as possible. Hopefully she’ll kick her cold today.

Time to run as I need to be out the door by 7:30 at the latest as does Lori, and it’s 6 now. Summer is here with it being June even though the first day of summer is officially June 21st. I’m sure the weather will be perfect here since we’ll be gone. I heard Grandma Dixie is going back home to Oklahoma for a visit on a one way ticket! Good for her, that’s exciting and I think it’s great she’s doing something like that. Some folks in their mid 80’s would think they’re too old or find some other excuse for not going but not her, she decided she wants to do it, so by God, she’s going to do it! She’s also having her car shipped out so she has a car there. I’m happy for her and hope it’s all she wants it to be. Not sure when she’s going but I think it’s around the end of the month.

That’s it, Happy June! Have a good day and God Bless.

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Last Day of May

One day to go until June and until we leave for Hawaii. Yesterday Lori had a long day getting home around 7:30. I had to run to Denver and will do the same this morning. The boys need to keep cleaning their rooms so we can come home to a clean house. Mojo goes to doggie day care tomorrow and we need to pack tonight.

It was warm and sunny here and we’ll have more of the same today. Lori has a workout at 7am this morning with our trainer and then will be at work before 9. I’ll be long gone as I need to leave around 7:30.

Guess that’s it, have a great day and take care, GB

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Almost June

We have about 2 days to get things done before heading to the beach. I think I’ll need to run to Denver tomorrow but will have to see how things play out. Yesterday was a nice day up here where we relaxed a bit. We did have some work and laundry to get finished to prepare for the short week. Jag and I are going to the high school this morning to register him. I think I have everything I need except his immunization records. I’ll find out what I need when we get there and then get that taken care of. Lori has a meeting at 7:30 this morning so she’s already in the shower.

Both boys cleaned their rooms a bit but have a ways to go. They’re excited for our trip and planning a bunch of stuff for us to do. Most of the activities are hikes around the island. I need to book a rental car today and a hotel by the airport for Thursday night. I’d better run as I too need to get moving with all the things on my list. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Summer is almost here, hope everyone has something fun planned. Take care and GB.

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