So close

Yesterday Lori and I headed down to Denver after dropping Jag off for volleyball. We had a great do-over birthday for her as we exchanged a few things we needed to, had some lunch and then browsed some furniture stores which Lori likes to do. Meanwhile down in Colorado Springs Jag’s team lost their first game to the 101st ranked team in the Country and then the second by 3 points. They would have won the second and been in the State Finals except one of their players made 10 separate mistakes when setting the ball which gave the other team 10 points! Oh well, they ended up like 7th in the State which is pretty good since we never had a team before.

Ty stayed home with Harley and had Sonny come over. He spent the night and they’re still both still sleeping. Who knows how late they stayed up! Mojo and/or Harley woke is up at 7 this morning, not sure who started the morning. Last night they went to see Grease, the school play at VMS.

I think Jag has some studying to do as he only has like one week of school and then two weeks of finals. His AP Finals are down at the college.

Lori and I need to get to the gym so time to go. Hope all’s well. Harley is in her crate right now as she’ll move barricades of any kind with her front feet to get down to Jagger in the basement. We are reorganizing his room and closet today which will be a major project! Have a great day, God Bless.

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Ok, sort of a bust

Alright, here it is, yesterday was sort of a bust birthday wise. It was just one of those days where everything sort of was a bit off, like some sort of sitcom. Lori did manage to get home a little after 1 and I had just returned from dropping off the car in Denver. On the way I stopped to get some plastic shelving and containers to make a makeshift closet for Jag as we need to figure out a better system for his clothes for the next 5 or 6 months. We did go meet with Tom, our architect, to work more on the house. It’s coming together well and we have preliminary title commitment on our land where we want to build. More on that later.

Jag had volleyball until about 5:45 and Ty then had basketball at 6. Lori and I both forgot this so that threw a wrench in our dinner plans which we were loose with no real plans anyhow. I also bought a gluten free cake from a bakery in Silverthorne which is a great bakery but in this case, it was inedible. Apparently Lori had told me to just get a Whole Foods cake but I thought I was doing something special and better. When everyone took the first bite, the faces of Lori and the boys, like on some sort of cue, were like off of a funny tv show. The cake, for some reason, tasted like sandpaper. We all spit it out and that was it for cake. Sometimes you should just do what your wife says, ha. Anyhow today is another day so we’ll try for a do over.

Jag has to be at school to leave for Colorado Springs at 8:30. Lori and I will drop him and then head to Denver. We’re going to get by Mom’s house today and see what all we need to do to get the rest cleaned out. I think it’s supposed to be warm there today, and up here. Ty will stay and be on Harley duty, taking care of her and continuing to clean his room. We’re making progress around here. It’s almost as if we should just throw everything out and start over, ha. As I said before, we need to purge our storage unit to fill it back up!

One more thing, two days ago, to top everything off, Harley jumped up on Lori, which she likes to do, and knocked her over! She’s probably somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds now and is almost 4 months old but she’s all muscle and tends to launch herself at you. Lori must have been a bit off balance and not expecting it as all of a sudden all three of us boys turned around to see Lori on the floor, too funny.

That’s it, mid-70’s in Denver today, that’s warm! have a great day and God Bless and the Kentucky Derby is also on.

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Happy Birthday Lori!

Hard to believe it’s Lori’s birthday again. She doesn’t look like she aged any over the last year but here we are again. She’s only working a half day so that’s good but the rest of the day will probably be spent purging around here. First up, I’m taking the car to Denver to drop it off to get it fixed. I hope to be home before Lori around noon and continue purging.

Jag had volleyball last night and again tonight as Regionals are tomorrow. If they win one game, they go to State next weekend! Pretty amazing. He also received 95% on his in class essay about Frankenstein and Paradise Lost, two books they’ve been studying, way to go!

Ty has three A’s, a B, a C+ and and C. He think he can get the C’s up to B’s which would be great. He has basketball tonight. He was hard at work cleaning his room last night.

Time to run, Jag, Lori and I and of course Harley and Mojo are up with Ty still sleeping. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Ah, snow

Well I was going to go down to Denver today to drop the car off to get fixed but there’s too much snow so I’ll postpone it until tomorrow. Harley hasn’t seen much snow so she’s all jacked up and frisky. Jag had basketball last night and wants to go early today for an AP World History review. Saturday the volleyball team is in Regionals! This is big news as we’re the only volleyball team on the western slope. The only bummer is the games are in Colorado Springs, ugh, they couldn’t be any farther away.

Ty is supposed to have a track meet today but looking outside I would say chances are zero to none. Lori worked all day yesterday and will instead take her half day off tomorrow on her birthday.

Avoiding soy lectin seems to still be working. I had a few bowls of granola yesterday which I normally don’t eat as they’re all carbs but still lost weight this morning, hmm. It’s amazing how much soy is in most food. You really have to look hard to find food without it. I’ll stop preaching in a day or two but I just can’t believe the number of additives in all our food. It explains why you can go to Europe, eats tons of bread, cheese and fatty foods and lose weight. I always said it was because of all the additives here in our food but I never knew exactly what additives they were. Ok, I’ll stop now.

As I said, tomorrow is the good looking ones birthday! (that’s what we call her around here, ha) I asked her if she wants a cake as she normally doesn’t eat it but she said yes! I think we might go out to dinner tomorrow night, probably sushi again.

That’s it for May 3rd, Friday and Saturday it’ll be in the 70’s, whoo hoo! Have a great day, God Bless.

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Headache, ugh

After school Jag and I headed over the Steadman to have x-rays and get checked out from the accident. We both appear to be structurley fine although we both have a some whiplash. I still have a bit of a headache. The doc offered me some meds but I declined. Before that I was at Libby’s where she zapped me with nitrogen and froze probably 20 little blemishes on my skin. Lori said I look like a leper.

Harley was a good girl in her crate for 6 1/2 hours while I was in Denver and did great. That’s the longest we’ve left her but the trainer said that’s actually good for her at this age. She was raring to go when I arrived home. She’s all puppy in the morning or after she’s been in her crate.

While in Denver at the doctor I happened to mention to Libby about changing my diet. She commented how good I look and that I’ve lost weight and I told her I’d been watching my diet and just discovered this doc who wrote a book called The Plant Paradox. He’s a cardiologist and says that foods that contain lectins are toxic and really bad for you. It follows the reasoning that the French people eat so much fat yet are way healthier than us. Turns out whole grain is not good for you despite all the marketing her in America and neither is any food made with glutionian toxican (not sure of the spelling) which is used instead of yeast as it’s much cheaper. This means white bread like baguettes, are actually good for you if made with yeast. Carl, Libby’s husband who is also a doctor and her daughter, yes another doctor, both came in to see me and were raving about this same book and cardiologist and the program. Carl has been on it for weeks and lost like 10 pounds but the big thing is getting rid of all inflammation in your body which is the root cause of most disease. He was super excited about it and Libby was amazed we were both studying the same thing. Anyhow I stopped to get the book even though I had already ordered it on Amazon as I wanted it right away. I then stopped at Natural Grocers too for some food on the way home. Not sure if you know but if you look at the makeup of Americans cells, they’re made up of 60% soy as darn near every food has “soy lectin” in it. Just look next time you shop. I bought food without soy lectin and white bread made with real yeast like our Grandma’s used to make. Jag and I ate the whole thing and other so called fattening foods like real butter and cheese and chocolate without soy lectin, (yes most chocolate contains soy too), and a funny thing happened this morning when I hopped on the scale, I was down 2 pounds! Again this is all based on what has been called The French Paradox as they eat so much fatty food yet are healthier heart wise than we are. I’ll give the extra book to Tom once it arrives. Sorry for the rant but it was really eye opening and a coincidence that Carl and I had been studying the same doctor and his philosophy.

Jag just came up and Harley is all over him. She sits at the top of the stairs or busts through the gate to run down the stairs and jump on his bed. It’s pretty cute. It’s 7 now and Lori is at the gym and Jag wants to leave in 15 minutes. Ty has a big track meet tonight and tomorrow night. Hope everyone is well, God Bless.

Here’s a picture Ty took the other night,

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Texting and driving

It’s May 1st! This should be the start of Spring up here and we’re hoping so. Yesterday was nice with the sun warming up the mountains while the wind reminded us of just where we live.

Harley, Mojo and I had a fun filled busy day, or at least they did. I spent most of the day babysitting them. Finally at 3:20 I went to pick up Jag and then we were off to get Ty. About 2 blocks from Ty’s school a school bus was backing into a parking lot and stopped traffic. As I stopped I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a Jeep Cherokee not slowing down. I honked my horn and the little girl looked up but still smacked into the back of our car going between 20 and 30 miles an hour if I had to guess. Of course the girl was texting. We exchanged info and headed to school to pick up Ty. As soon as I arrived home I called our insurance company. The girl, 16 years old, texted me that she knew it was her fault (admitting guilt) but that she wasn’t on the best terms with her parents and could we handle this without them. Of course I had already called the insurance company. I also then called her insurance company and explained the situation and they knew her dad as the car was insured under a company policy of her dad’s company. I’m sure she had an uncomfortable night but no way you can not document this. Jag and I both have headaches and will get x-rays today sometime in the afternoon. The car will need a few thousand dollars worth of work too. My neck is still stiff this morning and I still have a bit of a headache, what fun. So, don’t text and drive!

I’m off to the distributor this morning and a derm appointment with Libby. I need to be down there by 8:30 and should be back before noon. That means Harley will be in her crate for 3 or 4 hours. I need to shower and get moving and then get the pup up for breakfast. Have a great day, GB.

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Here comes May

Today is the last day of April which means property taxes are due, ugh. Then tomorrow it’s May! May is a warm, muddy month up here with mountain flowers, shrubs and trees, painting the hills with all kinds of colors. Soon we’ll need to crank up the air conditioner.

Tonight Ty has basketball, tomorrow Jag and Wednesday both. I have a dermatology appointment tomorrow in Denver at 8:30 and then was supposed to be back down for dog training Wednesday but rain is in the forecast which could cancel that. Lori has a meeting at 9 this morning and Jag wants to go to school early.

Harley is up and bouncing across the living room trying to get Mojo to play but he’s having none of it right now. Looks like he’s coming around a little now. Harley now jumps up on the chair and launches herself across the room. We’re going to try to get rid of some of the stuff in our storage unit this week so we can get the rest of the stuff out of Mom’s house. I think it’s going on the market soon but will need to check with Tom.

Time to get the boys moving, have a great day and week, God Bless.

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Sunny Sunday

Last night after going out to dinner, Jag and Ethan went to the new Avengers movie. It was my turn to pick them up so I had to drive into town at 11:40 and take them both home. This morning, after the gym, I’ll drive down to pick up Ty from Bens and the big weekend party. The three of us went for sushi at Matsu for dinner and had a fun time. Finally it’s the off season so the town isn’t all that packed but by the time we left the restaurant, it was pretty crowded.

Lori and I and Jag cleaned around the house yesterday and will try to get some more done today. Jag also did some homework. I put away the snow shovel so it’ll probably snow soon. It’s sunny outside with a bright blue sky overhead. It’s supposed to be 80 degrees in Denver today so it’ll be like 70, at least, up here.

Time to run, only one day left in April. That means May flowers are on the way, take care and God Bless.

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Super Bowl!

Robi commented yesterday that she and Robert were watching the draft too. Arizona did ok getting a new qb who has good talent even though he’s a bit of a dick. We picked up a great receiver and then a solid running back and a corner. Today we have like 6 or 8 picks so we’ll see what happens.

Ty’s in Denver at Ben’s. I dropped him at Chipolte where it seems the whole Junior High goes after school. Ty knew some kids and all the girls were checking him out. I made it back up by a little after 2 as I stopped at Lowes on the way home to get some cleaning supplies.

Lori came home around 4:30. Her face is swollen from the Halo Treatment. She took Benadryl again last night which means sound sleep and snoring. Harley is full of piss and vinegar this morning meaning she’s jumping and playing and tearing up paper towel which is one of her favorite things to do.

The draft starts again today at 11 am I think. I’ll be down in Eagle for the start of it so I’ll need to rely on Tom to text me. It’s supposed to be warm today and tomorrow with a few thunderstorms this afternoon which is fine as long as it’s not snow. We’re done with snow, hopefully.

Have a great day, God Bless and Go Broncos!

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Thankfully today is Friday, Ty goes to Denver, we have round two of the draft and the weekend is here. Yesterday Lori had a Halo treatment which makes her face red but stimulates the collagen or something. Jag had school and Ty had 90 minutes of shooting practice with his middle school basketball coach. Harley and I and Mojo stayed home and I did some work. Today Ty is supposed to go to Denver for a birthday party weekend sleepover at his friend Bens but I just saw that I-70 is closed due to some kind of spill. Hope it gets cleaned up fast.

Well we arguably ended up with the best defensive player and probably the 2nd overall best player in the draft. Tommy and I must have texted back and forth 50 times hoping Elway didn’t screw it up and he didn’t. It was exciting and we couldn’t be happier. Tonight at 5 pm round 2 starts and then tomorrow the whole thing wraps up.

I have another conference call today and two days left in the month. Next week I’m up at the ranch with an appraiser and checking out property lines and such. It looks like the snow, (knock on wood) is over.

Harley did yelp during the night around 12:30 and thankfully I heard her and ran down to take her out. She had to do her business as I’ve been switching up her food adding more protein per the vets instructions and she’s had some diarrhea. Jag had taken a Benadryl due to allergies so he slept through the whole thing. Oh well, like I always tell the boys, you do what you have to do.

Guess I’ll run, have a great weekend and Go Broncos! Tom and I will be watching and texting again from 5 on. Congrats to Robi and her team who picked up a new qb too! GB

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