Happy Birthday Mom

Today is Mom’s birthday! Hope it’s a good day. Today Ty also leaves for Denver and then for Costa Rica at 5 am tomorrow. Then tomorrow Jagger leaves for Denver and early Saturday morning is off for LaPaz Mexico. More to come on both trips tomorrow.

We need to leave early this morning at 7 so no time to waste. I’m then off to Denver and need to get back up here by 3. Lori didn’t have a very good day off as Ty was home and needed to complete a lot of homework with him being sick. We did have a guy from next door come in and repair a bunch of dings and holes in the drywall so we have white patches all over the house. Next week our cleaning lady from Denver’s brother is coming up to paint most of the house. We can’t do the whole thing as I don’t have any place to move everything so they can paint, ugh.

Oh well, time to go as we need to leave in 30 minutes. Have a great day, GB.

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Going, going, we’ll see

Thanks for the comments Robi and Ali about Moms age. Thanks too for the call Tom. Looks like I now know how to get some comments from you all, just get Moms age wrong! More tomorrow on her birthday.

Ty is sick. We picked up a Z Pak yesterday but he might not be going to Costa Rica which would be too bad. For me it’s pretty cut and dry, if he’s better, he goes, if not, he stays home. There’s no middle ground as the last thing I want is him in a hospital in a foreign country. He’s up now with Lori working on a childrens book which he has to turn in by 8:15 this morning. I think he’s staying home today and Lori is off too so she’ll help him.

Ty made it to school yesterday but clearly wasn’t feeling well. Hopefully no one else around here gets the bug.

It’s cold up here but nothing out of the normal range. The rest of the Country though is in a deep freeze. In the midwest temperatures are well below zero and wind chills like 50 below or more. Flights are cancelled and the U.S. Postal Service is not delivering mail. So much for rain, sleet, snow or whatever they say.

Time to go as it looks like I’m going to the gym to take Lori’s spot as she needs to work with Ty. Hope all’s well, take care, be safe and Elderberry Syrup works wonders to help keep you well! God Bless, (you can get it at Whole Foods)

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Not long now until both boys leave. Ty was home sick yesterday as are a lot of kids in the valley. Hope he’s doing better today. I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I would have liked and will need to double down today. Lori went to Francesca’s for her birthday last night and the girls had dinner and fun. James is still on tour so even though us guys (Marty and I) were invited, we stayed home.

We had our heat tape hooked up yesterday on the roof and in the gutters which should mean the snow will be stopping soon. It’s super cold in most of the Country with record wind chills around -50 or more. The weather patterns seem extreme on both ends lately. I’m sure we’ve messed with the planets climate somehow as man is pretty good at screwing most things up. Not sure if its global warming in the sense of the word as some say we’re entering a new ice age for the next century. I told Robi yesterday, it’s time we look for a winter home in Arizona! Mom and Dad knew what they were doing going down there for the winter, ha.

Both boys want to go to school early today. We’ll see how that goes as that means they need to get up early. School is going well, Ty’s really stepped it up and Jag is on it as usual. Jag has a bad teacher in English that is only there as her family donated a ton of money to the school. She doesn’t even have a degree to teach but apparently you don’t need that at a private school. Every kid in the school thinks she’s terrible but no one can do anything about it. Oh well, is what it is, that’s what Mom always said. Speaking of Mom, it’s her birthday in two days! I was thinking about that yesterday and think she’ll be 88.

That’s about it, hope everyone is well, God Bless you all.

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Nice up here

Looks like snow in Denver but nothing happening up here. That’s a switch. Hopefully we’ll miss out on this round. Yesterday Jag and I went to REI to get the boys gear for their trips. About $2K later (ugh) we walked out. Going to a tropical climate and in Jag’s case, camping on a beach for a week, requires a certain set of gear and skills. The school has done this same trip for a few years otherwise we’d be a little more apprehensive about letting him go. Ty meanwhile will be in Costa Rica staying with a host family and will have 2 other kids from his class in the same house with him. The entire 9th Grade is going to Costa Rica. The food should be amazing. We’re always a bit concerned about sending either one of them out of the Country but the school has been doing this for decades and you can’t hide from the World. We do pray and look forward to each of them coming home.

Lori, Melanie, and Jen are taking Francesca out tonight for her birthday at The Four Seasons. That should be fun. Her and James were at Sundance yesterday as he had a cameo role in the new Ted Bundy movie as a cop, ha.

The Govt. Shutdown is over, at least for a few weeks. Funny how they managed to still spend the taxpayers money even when shut down. How did you like Schumer and Pelosi all over the news saying they taught the President a lesson. Funny how that’s what’s most important to them while the peoples security is what’s most important to the President. How in the World can anyone be against a barrier at our border? It never was a 3000 mile barrier, (Dem talking point) but just one in some high traffic places. It also never had to be a wall as Trump also said a fence is fine. For the Dems it’s clearly all about opposing Trump, (as they all voted yes for the same thing under Obama and Bush) and for the President, it’s about protecting our Country. Glad to see there’s at least one adult in the room, and it wasn’t a democrat!

Time to get moving as it’s 6:18. Lots of accidents on the news in Denver, must be icy on the roads. Have a great day, God Bless.

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Good boys

Yesterday Lori and I managed to get some more work done around the house. Ty was gone from 10 until 7 and Jag from 12:30 until 11 pm. The biggest job yesterday was taking an axe and chopping up probably a 500 pound block of ice off the deck. I have a smaller one to get to today but the worst of it is gone. Lori took a pain pill for her neck and when she does that she gets into non stop cleaning mode. I should just stand back and let her have at it but I know she’ll be even more sore when she’s done. She did get all the bathrooms clean before I could make her wind down.

I was thinking this morning about how I need to print the whole blog out on paper in case anything happens and we don’t have access to it. That made me think someday years from now, the boys will hopefully be reading it to look back and see all that happened in their lives growing up. I then thought I need to give them more credit. On a daily basis I get locked into what we did the day before which is good but I wanted to take a moment to write down just what great kids they are. Sure all kids do “kid” things but our boys are way above all the other kids out there. They’re kind, caring and will always do the right thing. You can tell when you meet someone whether or not they’re a “good person” in the sense of being a good human being. Well, we and the World are lucky to have Jagger and Ty. I always think the best way to value yourself or anyone for that matter is, do they make the World a better place. Our boys 100% do. So years from now when you’re reading this, know that Mom and Dad are proud of you both and love you very much.

Now on to the day. Lori is still sleeping, Jag is of course and Ty wants to go to the mountain at 8. I’d like to get to the gym again but am a bit sore from swinging an axe for an hour yesterday. Maybe I’ll skip it today and take the dogs up the hill. We do need to run over to REI as the boys trips are coming up fast. I keep telling them to get their stuff together and check their packing lists but being kids, of course they’ll wait until the last minute.

No football this weekend to speak of. They had the Senior Bowl yesterday which doesn’t really count except for the die hards. Tommy probably watched it. After the Super Bowl which we’ll watch but don’t really care about, it’s the off season until free agency sometime in March and then the draft at the end of April. Funny how if you’re a football fan you can use football as a calander for the year. Those of you who are real fans know what I mean.

I was thinking last night about the next few months. In February I’m in Chicago, March we’re in Phoenix, April we’re in New York as a family, May we have the Rolling Stones and June, Aspen Food and Wine and then the Bocelli concert in Denver and then we’ll probably go to Italy, maybe, we’ll see. Then it’ll be July and the walls will be up and our house starting to take shape so we’re going to be busy. I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of work trips mixed in and Lori will go see her Mom more than a few times. She’s been going about once a month now for well over a year which is good.

7:25 now so time to go. Guess I’ll go to the gym as I’m addicited to it. No snow today, maybe some tomorrow, have a fun day! God Bless.

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Climbing, movies, fireworks and more

Last night both boys went to the fireworks show at Nottingham Lake in Avon. They were postponed from July 4th due to weather and supposedly were the largest in the State in a few years. It was like 10 degrees out with lots of snow so no risk of fire. Jag and Emma went and then met some friends to grab a bite to eat. Ty went to the girls basketball game to watch his friend Zoe and then went to the fireworks with her, Chole and Zoe’s mom before going back to her house for some pasta and then they all played beer pong with soy sauce, Rose’s Lime Juice and whipped cream, hmmm?

I picked Jag and Emma up at 9 and dropped Emma at home and then we picked up Ty at Zoe’s. This morning at 10 Ty needs to be at school to go to Grand Junction for a climbing competetion. At noon Courtney (Emma’s mom) is picking Jag up on the way home from Emma’s ski race as they’re having a movie marathon all day at her house. Courtney and I are now coordinating our driving to spare us both from driving everywhere everyday.

Lori and I are headed to the gym so I need to go. No snow today. Harley did wake me at 4:45 to go to the bathroom, what a good girl. We might run to Denver but are waiting to see if the electrician is coming to hook up our heat tape. Hope so. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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Great fun

Last night we made it to the Vilar by 6:45 for the show. It started what seemed a lttile bit early. Our seats were great and the show was too. Now as I said yesterday, we’d seen the same show in Denver and while this one wasn’t quite as good, it was still really good. Ty loved it and had a blast. We wish Jag would have come but he decided to stay home. His choice.

Today is Ski Friday again. Ty’s gear is in our ski locker so we’ll need to leave early to run by and get it. Lori and I woke up at 6:20 which again was too early for us. Her headache is still here even though she had a steroid shot the other day. Hopefully we’re able to figure out how to get rid of it soon.

It was snowing and blowing when we left the show last night. Not much new though so it looks like we’ll be getting a break for a few days. Time to get moving as it’s 6:45. It’s Friday, whoo hoo. Have a good weekend, GB.

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Rock of Ages

First off, more snow. What a year. I think they’re even getting it in Denver. Tonight we’re going to Rock of Ages at the Vilar at Beaver Creek. Lori and I saw this show in Denver years ago when Mom gave us tickets as she had season tickets to the theater. It’s all 70’s music and a blast. Lori, Ty and I are going with Jag staying home as he said he has too much homework.

I have a bunch of calls and computer work to do today. We had new gutters and heat tape put on yesterday but need an electrician to hook up the heat tape. I was breifly in Denver yesterday but was down and up in a matter of hours. Ty stayed after school with his guitar and amp as he’s in some sort of band. I think he wants to be an actor or singer now, good for him. He is great in theater and won a part in Chicago at school. Should be a good show.

Time to go clean off the cars and warm them up. It’s stopped snowing up here but there’s plenty on the ground. Have a great day, GB.

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Good morning

Clear and cold up there this morning with more snow on the way. This has been one of the snowiest January’s on record. It’s a little annoying but good for us and the skiers.

Last night we watched the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody. It was really good and brought back a bunch of memories from my youth. Hard to believe Live Aid (the concert for famine in Africa) was 34 years ago this summer! I remember it so vividly. Lori and I were talking as we both donated to the cause as I’m sure most of us did. Back then it seemed as though we were more together as a people. Not as much division as today. It’s hard getting old, not so much physically but more in trying to understand the anger and hate that’s been breed into people these days. It seems no one can just disagree and still be friends anymore. Sad.

Today I’m off to Denver and need to drop the boys early at school. I have a call with a company out of New York that I’m working with to give away a bunch of scooters to sell wine. Pretty fun Idea I came up with.

We’re cutting back on spending around here. This means mostly limiting eating out as we always seem rushed and are grabbing food to go. I think we’re going to New York as a family in April and then maybe Italy in June after Aspen Food and Wine and the Bocelli concert June 21st. Of course we have the Rolling Stones concert ay 26th. Antonio and Nancy are coming in for this show. In March Lori and I are in Phoenix for 3 days at the JW Marriott and going to Garth Brooks with Jeff and Tina. That’ll be here quick and we’re so looking forward to the warmth and sun!

Time to get moving as I have to drop the boys so I can get on my conference call by 8. Hope you all are well, remember family first and please cherish each moment and day, God Bless.

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We have more of the white stuff but nothing like Denver. Wind and snow appear to be everywhere on the front range with I-70 closed in and out of Denver going east and west. Of course we see this often up here but the flatlanders down there usually don’t. Lots of schools closed according to the news.

Ty and Jag had good service days with Ty taking care of some horses and Jag working at a food bank down valley. They were both done around 2 which is when the wind and snow hit up here. This was the storm that Denver is getting now.

Here’s the article in the paper about Ty and Gaming Club. They did really well this year and it was pretty cool.

Today we’re getting heat tape on our roof so they say. Even though it snowed, they’ll probably still show up and work as that’s what you do up here. I have 4 or 5 calls today and have to clean enough of the garage so they can get to the fuse box to hook up the power to the heat tape. Not sure what the boys have going. Lori has to be in early as she has a patient from Mexico City that flew in. Last night she had a patient she had to find a Level One Trauma Center for in Austin Texas for who hurt himself (or herself) in Telluride and were taking their private jet back to Texas. She has lots of those kind of patients, the ones with a whole lot of money. If you hurt your neck or back, you want to know Lori as she’s the key to getting you in with Dr. C who’s the best there is. Lori, to her credit, gets kids and people in with no money also as she and Dr. C believe that not having money shouldn’t keep you from getting the best care if you need it. These are the Medicare patients and others who can’t always afford to pay out of pocket like the people with their own jets. Lesson here is don’t hurt your back but if you do, be nice to Lori!

Time for me to get out there and shovel and clean off the cars. I do this in gym shorts so I don’t have to change to go to the gym. Have a great day, skiing sure is good. Take care and GB.

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