Thanksgiving week

Here we go, Thanksgiving week. Dixie is going to L.A. to hang out with Kristin, we’re of course here and not sure about anyone else. Tom has his tree up and Denver and most of the mainland are cold. Arizona is probably ok though.

Last night we went to dinner with Kim, Don and Sammy, (Dr. C, his wife and daughter). We had a nice time at Monkey Pod and celebrated Don’s birthday which is tomorrow. Today we’re grabbing Sammy and heading to the North Shore and then will come back here for some pool time, maybe hit a beach for some snorkeling and then are going to Freida’s, a great Mexican place, for dinner. So Sammy is spending the day with us. She’s thrilled as she loves the boys and would much rather be with us than hanging out alone at the house with her parents.

It’s been a little cloudy but is supposed to clear up now for the week. We’re all getting sun though as you still tan even through clouds. Lori and I are going to the gym after she gets back from the little store down in the lobby where she’s getting half and half and lattes for us. Both boys are still sound asleep. Don was telling us at dinner last night what great kids we have. He said “no really, you two have done an incredible job as they are really good kids”. That’s always nice to hear about your children. He also said they have good genes, ha.

It’s so nice here with the warm weather and humidity. When we get back though, I’m going pheeasant hunting. I love the cold and four seasons a bunch. The holidays will be in full swing as Christmas is a month from this weekend. Hard to believe it’s almost here. We’ll have to get busy shopping as soon as we get home. We also still have Robi’s birthday present to send. We need your new address!

That’s it, hope all’s well. Take care and God Bless.

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Now we’re talkin

Yesterday was sort of rainy but of course still like 80 degrees. It never really gets cold here, at least all the times we’ve been here. We had lunch at Monkey Pod which is one of our top accounts and it was fantastic! Dinner was at our favorite, Star Noodle, and of course also fantastic! So the island redeemed itself food wise with great food all day.

Dr. C and Samantha (his daughter in Ty’s class) had their flight delayed out of Eagle so they missed their flight to Hawaii and ended up in Los Angeles. They’re in the air now and shsould land around noon if I had to guess. Ty was on his phone on Snpachat or Instgram or one of those apps, talking with her most of the day as he does with friends every day. I think Sam is hanging out with us today or tonight or both.

Lori and I are going for a walk. Jga is sleeping and Ty is awake. It looks a little nicer outside today but could still be a little rainy. Then it’s supposed to get sunny. Lori joked the rain yesterday probably saved her chest as she got a lot of sun the other day. I told her I’m not eating until Thanksgiving. James and Francesca’s caretaker is this Hawaiian guy who is wrapping a whole pig in some palm or bannana leaves and burying it in the ground with hot rocks to cook it all day like they use to do hundreds of years ago. We can’t wait, should be really good! Also we’re not huge turkey fans so Hawaiian pork sounds great!

My buddy Jeffrey who I’ve known 40 years (remember he moved here 10 years ago and is known to the pros as the Guitar Doctor and plays with Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and others) worked a show last night but we’ll get together with him and his wife Karen in a few days. He always says we should move here which I’m sure Lori would love but we know it’d get old real fast. Or I should say at least I know that, Lori’s not so sure, ha.

Time to go, hope all’s well and yes Ali, we are shopping for you for Christmas! We know you’ll love a grass skirt to wear in the snow back home, ha! Miss you all.

God Bless, Aloha.

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A full day

The day started with a couple conference calls, one with a couple of guys in my Company and then one with Universal Music Group, Andrea Bocelli’s Worldwide record label. I was done by about 8:30 and then it was off to get Ty’s hair done. We were back by a little after 10 and then hit the pool. We hung out until around 1 or so and then cleaned up to head down island to Wailea.

Around 3:30 we made it to Wailea and stopped at the Shops at Wailea and walked around and bought some gifts. Then it was off to Morimoto for dinner. On the way out of the shopping area there was a woman sitting eating some food and she was waving her hand around her head as if to wave away a bug. I noticed her and then saw she didn’t get the bug as it was right in the middle of her forehead. I thought it might have been one of those stones middle eastern women wear but it moved so I was sure it was a bug. I got her attention and said “you have a bug on your forehead” and was walking towards her to help her. Lori and the boys were yelling “dad, stop”. I though was motioning to her, as I now had her attention, that she had a bug on her forehead. Finally I heard Lori telling me, “Doug, it’s a mole!”. So I stopped and said to the woman, “ah nevermind” and we walked on. Fortunately she was foreign and I don’t think understood me. Now in my defense, I still think it was a bug as I know it moved but Lori and the boys, laughing their asses off, swear it was a mole! Also I was genuinly trying to help her, right? Oh well, I guess we’ll never know. But I’m sure it was a bug as it moved. Jag told me, “no dad, you were moving”(walking) which made it look like it moved. Oh well, I was just trying to help.

Next up was Morimoto, the famed Aisan restaurant at the Andaz which is a luxurious part of the Hyatt. The meal started off great with killer apps but when Lori’s fresh snapper came, it was so over done, we sent it back. Jag and I had Waygu steaks that were so salty with soy sauce and ginger that even though good, we agreed we preferred a Whole Foods steak on our own bbq. Of course the desserts were great. Most places here in Hawaii serve warm malasadas which is just a fancy name for doughnuts. The always come with sauces like carmel and chocolate and the kids dip them. So Morimoto didn’t live up to its reputation. The manager came over and apologized and sais she showed the chef the fish and was so sorry. Anyhow we made it home by around 10:30 and crashed.

Ty just woke us at 5:30 for breakfast as apparently he’s uncapable of making a bowl of cereal on his own, ha. Guess we’ll go to the gym. Hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless and watch out for bugs on your forehead as I will let you know if you have one!

(I still think it was a bug…)

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Fun in the sun

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity with us going strong until about 10 at night. We started out in Lahaina for breakfast and then bought the boys some flip flops. Then it was a quick trip back to the villa before taking Lori to our friends house where she and two ladies hung out for the day. I went to pick her up around 3 and when I arrived, her and Monica were way out in the ocean on stand up paddle boards. Francesca and I waited by the pool (they have a salt water pool, very cool) for the girls to work their way back in. Lori cut her foot on rocks or coral when coming in but should be ok. We then rushed back so Lori could change and then I dropped her to meet the ladies as they were off to the fun little town of Paia for some shopping and dinner. Meanwhile I left Jag at the hair salon where I had got a haircut as they put some light blond highlights in his hair. He and Ty were going to put lemons in their hair to lighten it in the sun but I had Nicole (who cuts my hair here) just comb through some subtle higlights. Ty is getting his done this morning, ha.

Meanwhile Ty was blowing up a giant pinapple floaty and headed to the ocean. He saw a whale breach so they’re starting to arrive. Then after watching the Green Bay Packers blow a lead, the three of us headed to Star Noodle for dinner. We have reservations there I think tomorrow but they take walk ins if you wait. We ended up waiting 45 minutes but it’s worth it. I then dropped Ty at home and Jag and I headed back to our friends house to pick up Lori. The three of us made it home a bit after 10. Lori and I both said we ate about a weeks worth of food yesterday. Tonight we have a reservation at one of the islands best places down near Wailea. We’ll get some sun during the day.

I have a conference call at 7:30 and then at 8 and then I should be done. Lor found a new bikini yesterday which looks great on her. The humidity is nice as no dry skin here. Here’s a comment from Robi, thanks for sharing.

Robi says:

Oh man, my skin never looked and felt better than when in Hawaii. Shelly and Richard had their rehearsal dinner there. I think Ray, Richard’s twin worked there at the time. I remember the fat chef, as dad called him lol, came out and told us it was time to leave and dad was – not exact quote but pretty close – “you god damn fat son of a bitch, we will leave when we are god damn ready”! Got to love it! Anyhoo, have a great time and be careful of the waves, Robert’s neck is still sprained!

Too funny the things we remember in life. Hope everyone is well, take care and GB.


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Well we made it to Maui around 1 in the afternoon. The flight wasn’t bad at all (of course First Class helps) but they didn’t have tv’s as some planes just want you to use your hand held devices like phones or computers. Lori watched movies but Ty and I and Jag couldn’t get ours to play, ugh. Anyhow the boys slept some as they were tired and I did some work.

After landing it was straight o Costco for $400 worth of provisions. Then off to our villa. The last time we were here we didn’t really have an “ocean view” villa and actually had to have the hotel move us 3 days into our stay. So this time, after emailing the General Manager a few weeks ago, and being a Platnium Starwood guy, we ended up with about the nicest two bedroom on the property. They even had gifts for us and food and drinks and a personal note from the property GM in ur room waiting for us welcoming us back, yeah!

The boys went straight to the pool as they had changed in the airport into their swimsuits. Lori and I, after unpacking, managed to get about 30 minutes of sun before we all walked next door for dinner. We could have just gone to sleep but Jag was starving which he is about every hour. After dinner, about 7:30, we went to bed. We woke up at 5 which is I think 9 am Denver time and we’re drinking Kona coffee. Too bad we missed Robi by a few weeks. it would have been fun to see her here. Here’s her comment from yesterday,

Robi says:

Have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving. So very thankful you all are my family!

That’s nice and would make Mom happy. I was dreaming about Mom last night. It was winter in Wisconsin and she was outside walking with Auntie Dee and she was wearing a full length brown mink coat. She looked like she was in her college days or something with her hair up. Anyhow they were having fun.

We’re thankful for all of you too! Wish everyone was here for Thanksgiving. Today we have some errands like buying flip flops for the boys and new swimsuits for Lori and I as mine is too loose and keeps falling off. This afternoon Lori is going to Francesca’s house (our friends whose kind of a rock god, ha) and then she and 3 girls are going out to dinner at Mama’s Fish House for a girls night out! Should be fun for her. They have a 6:30 reservation (you can never get in to this restaurant except for lunch) so they should be done by 9 or so.

It’s so nice and warm and humid here. Lori loves it for her skin. Sam (Dr. Corenman’s daughter in Ty’s class) arrives Saturday with Dr. C and then will be hanging with the boys for a while. She’s a really nice girl and we think she and Ty might have a little thing going on. We know they’re getting matching henna tatoo’s, ha.

So that’s it. Hope everyone is well. The fires in California are bad as there was smoke everywhere when we landed in San Francisco. Snow in Vail which is nice but the sun and heat is nice too! God Bless.

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3:45 AM

After a day of non stop packing, cleaning, running errands and more than you could imagine, we left Vail around 4:45 for Denver. On the way we stopped for some food and hit Nordstrom to return a sweater of Lori’s that didn’t fit. Then it was off to the Westin at Denver International Airport to settle in for about 6 hours of sleep. 3:45 comes early but that’s what time you need to get up for a 6 am flight.

Thankfully we’re in First Class the whole way which is two legs. The first to San Frnacisco and the second to Kahalui Maui. We should land about 12:30 Hawaii time. Then we’ll grab our rental car, hit Costco for supplies (sushi and our favorite Meloni bars which are like melon popsicles) and head to our villa on Kaanaplai Beach. The boys should be in the pool or ocean by 3!

More to come tomorrow. Hope everyone is well, we’re looking forward to this break as we’ve all been working hard. Take care, be safe and God Bless.

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Running out of time

Man do we, or I, have a lot to do. Neither of the boys are packed. They didn’t even lay out any clothes so I guess they’ll be wearing what I pick out for them. Lori packed last night and I’ll throw some stuff in a bag today. Both dogs go to camp meaning daycare. Ty is finally better and will be going to school today. He has a lot to do and will be working some while on vacation. I think he’s taking a few tests today and we know Jag has two.

We’re excited for a break but it’s always hard to get out of town. The good thing is once you’re there, it’s easy to get in the groove. I dropped Lori’s car off in Glenwood yesterday to get fixed and have a loaner suburban. After a stop at Petco, the shoe shop and a couple other places, I was home by about 2.

It’s 5:49 now and time to get the boys moving. I’d like to get them to school by 7:30 but that’s usually hard to do. Guess I’ll run so I can do something, just not sure where to start. Have a great day and God Bless.

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Ok, today it’s cold, somewhere below zero. I have both cars started and brushed off and both dogs have been outside and had breakfast. Lori has an image review at 7 so I’ll probably need to take her and then come back for the boys. Then it’s off to Glenwood to drop our car to be repaired. Throw in a stop at Petco and a few other stores and it should be a fun day.

We haven’t woke Ty yet so we don’t know if he’s going to school. He’s never been this sick but his fever is gone or at least it was last night. He’s missing school but if you’re sick, you’re sick. I need to get moving and shower if I’m taking Lori. I’m also stopping at Costco and buying the Ring Doorbell for added security for the house. That’s it, have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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And it was so so

Well we found a dress, only after hitting every single dress shop in Aspen. In the end we made it home at 3:45 to find Ty still sick with a 102 degree fever! We almost didn’t go to the party but after he took some Tylenol his fever came down.

The Gala was not very good. The school raised a lot of money, probably $750K-$1 Million but the venue was loud, the food was crappy and some friends who were going to be at our table couldn’t come due to some health problems. On top of that the preview where we all walk around and look at the silent auction items, was so crowded as they didn’t have enough room, that you could barely walk. We did have a new couple at our table who was the guy that won the Indy 500 in 1996 and 2000. They were nice. I know all this really doesn’t matter as it’s for the school and the kids but they could have done a better job. Oh well, that’s now in the past.

Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there and everyone that understands what freedom is all about and it’s costs. Sadly I think a bunch of people these days don’t realize what sacrifices some make. It’s ironic that so many have paid the ultimate sacrifice so they can do all the stupid things they do, enough said.

Today it’s clear and not too cold outside. We’re going to continue to try to get Ty better, clean up and get ready to head to the islands. First up is the gym, hope all’s well and everyone is doing ok. God Bless.

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The Gala and the flu

Tonight’s the big school gala. Lori is still in search of a dress so this morning we’re headed to Aspen to a few shops to see if we can find one. We’re supposed to wear our best “Winter White”. Who throws a party in November where you’re supposed to wear white? Me, I don’t care so I’ll just wear whatever. I do have some white jeans so I might just wear those, ha.

Ty had a 101.5 fever yesterday morning but insisted on going to school as he didn’t want to fall behind. His fever came down to 100 before school so we let him go. He made it about an hour before we picked him up. Lori managed to get him a doctor appointment at 10:50 which wasn’t easy. They tested him for the flu which thankfully he does not have but he has one of those sore throats where he can’t swallow or talk. He must have had 20 cups of hot tea yesterday. This morning at 4 he came in needing more tea. Lori thought it was 5 and she bounced right out of bed like the good Mom she is to make him some. I’m showering right after I finish this and going to get him some Chloraseptic which numbs and soothes your throat. Hope he feels better today.

Jag went to Emma’s last night and they drove him home about 11. Harley has some torn pads on the bottom of her paws from the snow outside so she’s walking a little gingerly. Marisa at doggie daycare noticed it when she was cutting Harleys nails. She’ll be fine but it’ll take a few days or so to heal.

Time to get moving so we can continue the search for the infamous White Dress. Obviously we’ll have to post pictures tomorrow! Have a great day and God Bless.

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