Post 600!

It’s been a long journey to our 600th post. 600 days is a long time. Do any of you remember what you were doing December 31st, 2010? That was the day of our first post. Let’s see, the oldest had just turned 9 and the youngest one was still 6! The misses was headache free and we were both a couple (only 2 or 3) pounds lighter. The Broncos were in disarray with no hope for years and the World didn’t seem quite as screwed up as it does today. A lot can change in 600 days. 600 days from today it will be April 19th, 2014 which seems like some futuristic time when we will all be driving flying cars! Wow, life goes fast.

Personally I think a lot will change in all of our lives in the next 600 days, not only for us individually but for everyone in the whole World. Forget the things in yesterday’s post as those are basically “today” issues. Now they can have impact on where we will be in April 2014 but the important question is where do you want to be? I don’t mean physically but where do you want to be in your life? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Take a trip, jump out of an airplane? Go to a Super Bowl, own horses and learn blacksmithing (those two are mine), or paint? Now is the time, what are you waiting for, get off your duff and get to it. None of us are getting any younger. Ok, onto the day.

The oldest went to Jennifer’s for the day where they played with her hamster and did who knows what until he came home at 7:30 last night. Meanwhile the youngest had his friend Nick over and they loaded up their backpacks, grabbed their (toy) guns and set off for the ditch to go hunting. Both boys are obsessed with hunting and exploring these days. I think they just like the idea of the adventure of it all. This isn’t the first time they’ve donned backpacks and headed out to tame the neighborhood. While they were gone, the misses was in the front yard setting up our tent so they had a base camp to return to after their trip. This is all a dry run for our camping trip coming up this Thursday at Steamboat Lake. There is supposed to be isolated showers with highs in the 70’s and we’re praying for good weather as we have a pontoon boat reserved with Nick and his parents who are going along. (these are the folks we had dinner with the other night, our new drama free friends!) Anyone have any enamel cookware for camping? (plates, coffee cups, coffee pot?) I found it for about $70 but really don’t have the money to spend on it. we would pay for shipping if anyone has some.

Nick finally went home but I missed the whole thing as it was a day of football for me. Between the Bronco game and my fantasy football draft, I was MIA all day. The Bronco starters looked good but the 49’rs won the game. I’m sure this made Grandpa Bob happy but remember, it doesn’t count!

How about the earthquake swarm in southern California? I guess they had 15 pretty significant quakes there yesterday in from noon until 2pm. Then last night there was a 7.4 quake in El Salvador. That’s all we need right now, a huge quake in So Cal! Check this out, 408 quakes down there in the past day!

I’ve been in a few quakes and it’s pretty wild. Never been in a big one and don’t want to, hope it doesn’t happen.

Today we’re going to try to move the oldest guys doctor appointment from tomorrow to sometime today as he’s off school. The misses forgot this was the case when she made his appointment last week. We’re still praying he doesn’t need surgery.

Ok, 400 days from today, it’ll be October 1st, 2013. That’ll be the day of our 1000th post. What say we all plan a trip to Hawaii? Everyone has to go so if one of you (my Mom) doesn’t want to go that far, then let’s pick someplace like Arizona. What do you think? We have to do something, right? If it was up to us, we’d choose the Virgin Islands or the south of France so Hawaii isn’t all that far fetched. The catch is we all need to be in. Now if one of you just do not feel comfortable going anywhere, just let us know as we don’t want to put any pressure on anyone to do something they do not want to do but we’d like to have 100% participation. If you all say no, maybe we’ll just go on a road show and come visit each and every one of you instead. Or you could all pitch in and we could go to the Virgin islands without you! What do you think?

Alright have a good week, take care, stay safe and buy some extra food now as prices are going up daily. God Bless


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