Good sleep

As soon as we dropped the kids at school we headed south in the truck to the Marriott Courtyard where our new bed was waiting for us. By 9am we were home preparing to get the old one out and the new one in. We enlisted Uncle T’s help and were done in a matter of minutes. I called James (the guy who helped take care of my dad) to give him our old bed as we were sure he’d find someone who’d like to have it. The kids were out of school at 11 and the misses had plans to get some new kind of mattress pad to go on it. So after printing out some Bed Bath and Beyond coupons, we were off to Cherry Creek. I didn’t think much about the bed all day but when the evening came, it sure looked comfortable. Looks did not deceive, we both probably had the best night of sleep we have had in years. In fact for me, it was so comfortable, I kept waking up! My sore back is still a little sore but will hopefully get better.

The boys and the misses are sleeping in. I noticed she was swelling a bit (from making her new bed and other stuff) so she was forced to sit down and take it easy. A bit earlier she had cut her thumb pretty deep on one of our pairing knives. I don’t understand as I did the “penny thing” when we bought it! It was no real surprise though as the misses always seems to cut herself. She said it too wasn’t surprising that she did this, just surprising that it took so long!

Part of her being sore and swollen was that most of the afternoon was spent cleaning the house from top to bottom. Now when I get on a roll, I get on a roll. I start in our bedroom and work my way down vacuuming everything and picking up everything in my way. This of course includes moving ALL the furniture. I didn’t see what the misses was doing but I’m sure she was doing too much. The oldest, broken arm and all, was a big help picking things up. The boys had made it all week with no tv or video games so when they arrived home from school, the tv was on and the Ipad was fired up!

Today I need to get the boys outside. As it turns out, they have Monday, Thursday and Friday off next week, plus the following Monday as it’s Labor Day. On top of that, the oldest goes to Frisco Tuesday for an 11:15am appointment with the specialist for his arm.

So let’s see, the garage and house are clean, and so’s the mud room and my office. I think today I’ll organize the kids winter coats and stuff and see who needs gloves and mittens and who no longer fits in their coats.

After dinner I rested a bit before doing the dishes. This was a big mistake as we had made a chicken in the crock pot and you can imagine how crusty that gets. I guess I’ll go to the gym since everyone is still fast asleep. I need to gas up and wash the car too so I might as well get after it. Hope everyone is well, stay safe and have a great weekend. No politics today as I’m trying to stay away for Grandma Dixie!

God Bless,

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