105 in Denver

Yesterday, the oldest came home from camp dirty from the dust, tired from the heat and cranky because the camp guides would walk four feet and point out a tree…walk four more feet and point out a blade of grass. Needless to say….he did not feel that the first day of camp was very informative. The temperature reached a record shattering 105 degrees…UGG! Hopefully, today will be better…the camp and the temperature!  The kids are walking through tall grass today and I have no idea what the guides will be pointing out.. The kiddos are required to wear long pants today…grass cuts or snake bites??  I pray for no snakes and no hay fever…you all can throw your prayers out there as well.

The youngest got out the school directory and proceeded to call friends for a play date.  The first friend was home sick and the second was overjoyed to be invited over…as was his mom..I’m sure.  The kiddos played here for a couple of hours and then we went to the pool for a couple more.

We had an uneventful dinner…no one liked my lemon chicken on a stick but me.  I did make a lemon pie (my mom’s recipe) with the meyer lemons from her yard.  I think the family liked the pie…however, the oldest just informed me that I put more filling than usual….and the youngest doesn’t really like lemon…he would rather enjoy a chocolate bar for desert.

My Dad sent us home fully stocked with smoked salmon that he caught.  We already defrosted a package to gobble up this afternoon…yum!!

The Mister just left with the oldest to drop him off to ride the camp buss to the “Tall Grass”, and the youngest is lobbying to play on the computer.

I need to vacuum…the boys warmed up rice for themselves last night, and by the feel of the floor underneath my bare feet… they got as much on the floor as they did in their mouths! I can’t begin to describe the unnatural feeling of dried rice mixed with “Fido” hair under my bare tootsies…”EEEWWWWWW”, pretty much sums it up.

The youngest has literally hundreds of Legos to pick up from the floor in his room….when you step barefooted on Legos it’s more of an “Ouch” or “@#$%” than “EWW”.  Neither is very pleasant.

Grandpa Jim sent us unexpected and fabulous treasures in the mail yesterday. Two leather powder pouches that his grandpa brought to the USA from France during WW I. They’re really, really cool.  Thank you, thank you Grandpa Jim.  Oh well, time to run….a lot to do today.  Take care and have a great day.

God Bless,





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